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Cuppa Coffee and some Shayeri (2)

Welcome to this space today. If you like Shayeri, I am quite sure you will have a good time reading this one. Don’t be scared that you will be limited by language because I am also putting up translations of these. So whether you understand Urdu/Hindi or you enjoy poetry in English, this post might have something for you. So grab your coffee and put your feet up and get cozy on that couch and then read more. And don’t forget to tell me in the end how you found these. Feel free to add more lines or to translate it into a different language if you think that might help these reach out to more people.  And if you want to read more of these, click here to read my previous post which also has a little about Shayeri as a form of poetry and a couple of links where you can find more about it.  Continue reading “Cuppa Coffee and some Shayeri (2)”

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Somewhere Between

“Somewhere between crying loudly to seek attention and crying silently to avoid attention, we grew up…”

A cousin of mine forwarded a message to me that began with this line. I caught  line that says “Growing old and growing up are two different things. Even furniture grows old but we are meant to grow up!” And this stuck with me. It’s a line I often repeat to myself…What is growing up all about? And the following is my continuation of Somewhere Between… Continue reading “Somewhere Between”

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The TamBrahm Spunk (4)

One of my friends from university recently texted me. She’s TamBrahm too – a proper thayir chadam (curd rice) eating one at that! An Iyengar chamathu kondai who behaved nothing like it in much else but when it came to food, she did indeed behave like one.

If you barely understood anything so far, you need to do some homework on TamBrahms. A good way to know about TamBrahms and their world would be to visit WeAreTamBrahm, who are an exclusive blog on the life and style of this class of people. Alternatively, you could also go to my first post in this category by clicking here and you will be enlightened about this amazing Indian community.

Fair warning: this post will have quite some words in Tamil because come on, that’s what makes these posts funny! So you might have to bear with me…as for my TamBrahm followers, if any, I hope you enjoy the post. Continue reading “The TamBrahm Spunk (4)”

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Hairy Coo

It was my flatmate+friend C’s birthday two days back and it was her first birthday away from family. So I wanted her to have a special one. But I didn’t know what would be special enough. And then…I looked up the internet to find some fun things to do around Edinburgh. And I bumped into the website of a company called The Hairy Coo.

Right, if you are not from Scotland, this might never ring a bell. The Hairy Coo is the name for Highland Cattle. Coo in Scottish-Gaelic means a cow!

And this  website offered a free tour to the Scottish Highlands. I looked hard to see if there was a catch and I couldn’t find any obvious red flags. I walked into C’s room and asked, “If someone offered you a free tour to the Highlands, would you go?” And C looked at me as if to say, “Are you mad? Of course I would go!”

That’s how easy the plan was. We were going to bring in her birthday with a tour to the Highlands 🙂 Continue reading “Hairy Coo”