The First One...

The Journey Begins….

I have been writing for as long as I can remember. As most of us cultivate this habit, I took to writing a diary as well. I also started working as a freelance writer/editor for an online forum three years back and have done some good work.

But there are times when you are so overwhelmed by the most insignificant looking, small things in life that you are humbled as a person. I have decided to not let the cursor relentlessly blink on the blank screen in front of me…I have decided to share the small experiences that make me a better person…I have decided to work my fingers as I type out some of my most beautiful memories…

As you read trough this blog and share your experiences with me, we won’t be strangers anymore…we will be united by words.

Also, I will share some of the photographs that I clicked along the way…Hope you like them 🙂 Please cite this blog if you ever use the photographs anywhere…Thanks

The journey begins…


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