Unvarying Conditions…

I like roaming about the streets of any city. The pulse of a city is felt best where its heart beats, and this certainly isn’t where the tourist attractions are. The famed ‘Commercial Street’ of Bangalore is one of the several beating hearts of the city, if not the only one. For a city of this dimension, it is only fair that there be several such vital zones. However, there is one peculiarity about any such ‘beating heart’ – its consistency over time.

All the jewellery and the riches of the moneyed people in the city comes from some microscopic corner in Commercial Street. And this microscopic corner never changes in its appeal or its topology. Its unwavering conditions almost make it monotonous, except monotony is boring and this consistency in it’s appeal isn’t. Too many people spend considerable amounts of their time searching for what would suit their ‘fashion statement’ the most. But they fail to notice how the man selling these chooses the exact same spot to set up his shop in the hope that people remember where to find him when they come there next. They fail to see how each corner in his shop looks exactly the same as it did the previous evening. They fail to appreciate the effort that goes into keeping things constant. Yet when these customers walk away, some empty handed and some not, he stands right there…looking at the mob, waiting for another bunch of random people to walk into his small shop. The shop is wedged and so is he but such is the pulsated energy that there is not one moment of ennui. He is the tree in the midst of a storm that remains rooted and resists change….



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