You can’t Do it Unless…..

Dream – a vision! All of us are different, different in terms of our origin, our personalities, our thoughts, our actions. But we are all conjoint in that we Dream. We dream of growing up to become pilots and doctors and teachers and businessmen. We dream of scoring well in our exams so we can pursue the education of our choice. We dream of travelling around the world. We dream of enjoying a glass of wine on a cold winter evening. We dream of having a house overlooking a pool or the entire city. We dream…

Dreams are often a picture of our aspirations. I haven’t read too much psychology (though the subject interests me a lot), but I remember the Freudian explanation of dreams (the ones we have when we sleep) being an expression of all that we cannot be or cannot afford to be. Freud argued that dreams give us the freedom to live a character that we actually are not. And at the first glance, it almost sounds negative.

But think of dreams this way. We all aspire to have things we have seen others enjoy. We aspire to do things we think will bring us joy. And why shouldn’t we? It is important to dream of a successful future or a trip that you want to go on or an experience you want to go through. It is important to dream of everything we hanker after and desire. These aspirations and desires are like a bunch of serial lights stuffed within empty bottles. When they glow, they illuminate the being. With their radiance comes the awareness of what we are capable of. With their glow comes the cognizance of our destination. These dreams are a constant reminder that we need to change the current state of things in order to achieve our goal.

It was a weekend project for me – to bedeck a corner of my house. When I stuffed some serial lights into some used glass bottles and placed them in the corner, I did not realize I was stuffing those bottles with my dreams…each light a secret wish…But now as I look at those lights glimmering in their own pride, I know that my wishes are alive and they live and breathe in me…and that some day, not many laughs and frustrated nights from now I will look back at them and smile, knowing that I made it this far because I Dreamt.

There will be too many rejections and disappointments along the way…but keep Dreaming…for they are the compass pointing towards your Destination!


3 thoughts on “You can’t Do it Unless…..”

  1. This was delightful as usual. People look at a lotta different things and dream on for a life they wish for. But no matter what…dreams do always enlighten your life! Keep on enlightening our lives with your writing! Kudos!


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