Just a few Seconds left….

We are all constantly under the pressure to deliver… To be at our best all the time. We have goals… to get a better job, to go to a good college, buy a bigger house… I am standing at a crossroad myself. I need to find the right kind of project and the right kind of lab to invest the coming few years of my life in a suitable PhD programme. But the search is long and tedious, so much so that I am almost lost in the process. I feel exhausted.

Should I rest? Should I give up? Should I find something else that interests me?

Would a seed grow into a beautiful tree if it gave up under the weight of the snow? Would a butterfly emerge without a caterpillar’s efforts to break open its cocoon? When you are lost in the troubles of your mind and life, these arguments seem worthless. But it’s the faith in these arguments that keeps you going nevertheless.

The final few seconds in the race decide the winner and the loser…. (not my words, my father’s). And now is when just a few seconds are left… The few crucial seconds…

Was a long way to ‘Here’…is a long way from ‘Here’…


4 thoughts on “Just a few Seconds left….”

  1. Hi
    Nice writing. Just don’t give up. Because, in races, even a mill second matters. So think twice before you halt for a second whether its worth or not. Life has to go on and on……


    1. Hi Usha….Thank you so much for your thoughts on my post. It is a valuable advice…to think twice before I halt for a second. Beautifully put in simple words 🙂 Keep reading my blog for more interesting posts about the small things in life…


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