PictoShoots: Christian Bride Photoshoot Story + Pictures

This is my friend’s site guys…a very creative and independent girl…I’ve known her for years together…This piece posted by her is a sweet reminder of how
“Everything turns out well if you make the most of what you have!”
Don’t ever shy of experimenting with things…creativity is not about having additional resources, it’s about doing the best with what you have!!!
Kudos Shweta 🙂

Welcome to Shopaholic Pals!

Firstly, I am not married. Haha! I remember the day I posted these pictures on my facebook, instagram account, I was asked this hideous question everytime! (LOL) But yeah, I am still single waiting to be hitched. That reminds me, well how me and my sister came up with an idea to do a christian bride photoshoot at home. It was in May 2014 when I came back from my office where I was doing my internship. I was hell tired but somehow I was kinda excited that day and wanted to have some fun. So as soon as I reached home, I told my sister, “Let’s do a photoshoot yar..its’s been too long we haven’t done it.” By the look of my sister’s face I pretty much knew she was lethargic but interested. So the first thing we had to do was make a dress for the shoot. We…

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