I watched the pilot of this series called Legends a couple of days back and that got me thinking about my own mind and its sanity. Sean Bean skillfully portrays an under cover FBI agent with assumed identities who infiltrates a terrorist organization. One surprise is that he doesn’t die yet, unlike his other talked-about characters! At the end of the first episode, he (and the audience) is left with the question of what really is his true identity. Now listen to my story…

I was a normal kid…slightly challenged in front of crowds but more or less normal! I was heavily influenced by kids around me, their opinions, their ideas…even television shows! One of the major influences on me was this mediocre criminal show on TV. I designed my own ID card (I was a forensic investigator in that fake world of mine), obviously pathetic looking, on a piece of chart paper stuck on a cardboard. I also stuck my picture on it to make it look authentic. I had a fake name, a fake life, a fake career, fake friends and I lived every moment with the characters on the show. I laughed and cried with them. I celebrated and died with them.

Another of my obsessions was teaching. I would pretend to teach students (well, students I had imagined!) the lessons I had been taught in school. I think I got better at school because of this but my fake life and fake world continued to exist through my teenage. In another world of mine, I was a princess (well born in the royal family but lived in the contemporary times). Thinking back to the times when I created these, it is astonishing to me the amount of detailing in each of these. A different family in each, a different set of friends, a different profession, a different personality!

Which of these realities is real? I don’t think I have questioned it before but it seems like a blurred line…Have you ever wondered if your perceptions of reality are real at all?


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