A Blessed Life…

While most of us rejoice the holiday season and count down the days left of 2015, there are others who suffer. I am honest…this thought wasn’t organic. I was happy…cheering for an on-campus cricket match and partying hard with friends to celebrate every moment left of this year before I stay up all night, a week from now, to enjoy and look forward to 2016. My spirits were high…

And then a NatGeo post on Instagram was inspirational and led to this article. It was a picture of an Afghan migrant readying himself for the ‘dangerous crossing from Turkey to Europe’. A river flowing with all its might between two banks that stand still and watch its glory,  is a paradoxical phenomenon. When I look at a picture of a river (like the cover photo of this article), all I can think about is to sit on the banks humming a song and dipping my feet in the cold water that supports an entire spectrum of life. But the NatGeo picture gave me a completely different perspective. The same river can also be a stinging reminder of the difficult journey across, through the strong opposing currents, to embrace the safety that the other bank can offer. And there are people whose life depends on that one journey.

Life is tough for a lot of us. There are millions of Syrian refugees still suffering, still displaced, still homeless. And each of these million people has a story to share…stories that haven’t been reported ever…stories that will be buried with their physical remains after their death. Coming to think of it…none of us has the courage to listen to and absorb all of their pain. We are used to the niceties that life has offered us and it is this generosity that we often take for granted. The Syrian crisis is just one of the many that are burning humanity down. While some get away with charred memories, it is a scar for life for others. I cringe at the memories of some events that I witnessed as a child…floods in 2000, earthquake in 2001, riots in 2002…and I wasn’t even at the center of any of these events. Mine are just charred memories. I am incapable of imagining the plight of people who bear scars.

As this year comes to an end, I look back at the beautiful memories I have made and the amazing phase that this has been. I feel blessed. Because I am suddenly reminded of many that have lost their lives and several others who live, holding on to nothing but hope. If you have had a good year, pray for those who haven’t been lucky. Have a grateful holiday season…




3 thoughts on “A Blessed Life…”

  1. History is replete with such sad happenings, many being man made. Yet we don’t seem to learn our lessons. The lust for power and money drives these politicians to do these heinous crimes. Mans tinkering with nature is yet to face the full power of its backlash. Chennai got a mild dose this month. Hopefully, all talks about peace and climate change are honest enough to bring positive transformation.


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  2. Thank you so much for reading this article and for the thoughtful comment. I agree with your opinion. Tinkering with nature is going to result in catastrophe so huge that we might not be able to contain it. And what can one say about the lust that drives the criminal nature of events? It is for one to know that LIFE is precious, one’s own or another’s! Please keep reading. Some interesting articles are lined up for the future. Cheers!


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