Just a minute to squeeze this in...

Wonderful World of Jealousy!

It’s a challenge to write something everyday. I love writing and yet I run out of topics sometimes…well a lot of times. I was reading some cool blogs a few minutes back and I was wondering how people set about writing so much! Maybe they do it in intervals just like me? Nah..their posts are way more frequent. That’s when I had this conversation with myself.

“Why does it bother me to see that people write so often and publish their posts?”

“Maybe because…”

“Be honest…you can’t lie to yourself!”

“Okay..okay! I’m jealous. That they get to spare so much time to write and I can barely make it once a week. I’m also jealous of the fact that they have so many people who read their blogs while I have just a modicum of their followers! :(”

That makes sense, doesn’t it? Obviously, for someone who likes writing so much, it affects me when I realize that I can’t write so often. But maybe I am just giving excuses. I’m sure I can spend just one minute writing a quick post. But the obvious next question becomes…what do I write about? There are a million thoughts that the neurons in my brain register. Which of those is worth a post? An additional problem for me is that I also maintain a diary. As with any personal diary, mine is a record of the most intimate of my thoughts. If I have a thought that I need to put down, then those thoughts often go into my diary and not on the blog. OBVIOUSLY!!!!

So I decided to open up a new category today…called “Just a minute to squeeze this in”. And this is my first post in this category. Posts that are just fleeting thoughts and demand just a minute of my time will go into this category. I realize that not all posts need to be embellished with the finest elements in my dictionary. Maybe it is okay to write a few mediocre posts. It is more important to keep this cursor moving.

One problem solved. What was the next one? Oh yes…jealousy on the number of likes others receive on their posts!

Complicated state of affairs. The internet binds us all in a huge network. We are all stuck in it like prey! ‘Likes’ has become such a huge phenomenon. We feel good when our pictures have been ‘Liked’ on Facebook and Instagram and a million other social media apps that I don’t know of. And that is now extrapolated to my articles on the blog! What a nightmare this is! I keep away from most kinds of social media only because I feel that people fake their lives out there. Pictures of clothes and moments and mostly – Food! You got to be kidding me! You can’t have a party everyday…nor eat all the yummy looking things each meal…or celebrate with friends the occasions that don’t even exist! It’s just a game where the rules are to flaunt as much as you can! There is a reason I decided to stay away from the flaunting. And now, the same snake is biting my ass. I am stuck too!



3 thoughts on “Wonderful World of Jealousy!”

  1. Hahaha!! You definitely got my like! because as much as I hate social media even im becoming a victim to ‘wait for likes’. Creepy illness!


    1. It’s creepy and scary but it’s equally exciting. I still haven’t got the same feeling for other apps like Facebook and instagram and twitter but in wordpress I’m definitely funding it exciting that people like what I’m reading. I like it when I get a notification saying I’ve got a new follower 🙂

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