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Have you ever cringed at the memory of your book not being returned by someone who borrowed it long ago? I do too…big time! In fact, I hate it when people borrow my books and forget to return them or worse, return them in bad shape! If you are not an avid reader, you will never understand the pain of seeing a book in bad shape!

Let me take a moment to write about how I started reading. My father is an avid reader and reads several genres. I used to take his books (when I was only a kid who didn’t understand why it was fun to read books without pictures!) and rip them apart. Apparently he encouraged this habit because in the process of ripping them apart I would read a word or two! Quite a fascinating habit I had! It seems like those few words learnt to escape ennui built into a strong habit thereafter.

But coming to think of it, I don’t know how many of his books I tore apart. I sure wouldn’t have the patience to deal with that! I would be mad if someone did that to my books. I would yell and scream as if it were my skin being ripped off of my body…maybe I exaggerated that a little.

What do books do to us that bind us to them so strongly? Most readers will probably say that they are transported to an unreal world…I agree with that. It is a special feeling, a welcome break from the turbulence of life as we know it! But for me, it is also the fact that books offer a beautiful alternate explanation for a lot of things. Good literature is also a major factor. The way some things are written…they are close to my heart. Some statements, some dialogues, some thoughts stay with me forever. The best feeling though is of the way they smell ( I am sure several of you agree with this one).

As I mourn the loss of tens of books that were never returned to me, I sit with a second hand copy of ‘The Seventh Secret’ by Irving Wallace…wondering if Hitler is really alive! My alternate universe in Germany is exciting and unnerving. How’s yours?



13 thoughts on “Unreturned”

  1. Hi
    Its nice of you to connect your childhood days to your blogs. Think more.
    You have got enough memories that will create lot many blogs. Continue writing………….
    I enjoy your writings and now I expect more and more from you.


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  2. i am an avid obsessive follower of Hitler through movies, books, stories, even the dark, awesome humour that many Jews today enchant us with! I found this book of Jewish writings, in a friend’s book room and there was so much humour around Hitler and his hell that I felt better about the whole trauma. How brave they were and even braver to be able to laugh about it too.

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    1. The Jewish Holocaust was perhaps the darkest chapter in all of history! Don’t know if you’ve seen the film called Life is Beautiful? If you haven’t, it’s worth a watch certainly! Even something as sensitive as this is dealt with such beauty and delicacy it’s fantastic!

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      1. Yes I have seen it and just about every Holocaust movie I can get my hands on! My favourite is on Sophie the young German college student who fought against HItler’s regime and was imprisoned and killed by the Nazis. It is a very powerful movie, just two people talking – Sophie and her Nazi interrogator. Both are fantastic.

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      2. I do agree that it was a dark chapter but to me Life is Beautiful is more a give and take between a father and his son in those trying times. I loved the film. As much as anger and frustration filled my heart, I also had joy and love in it at that very instance. That was special.


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