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Food, friends and a Cuppa Coffee!

It was an eventful weekend. It was all about meeting old friends. An impulsive decision to get out of the lab and go shopping with a dear colleague (who is also a dear friend), a planned long-pending meeting with a school friend (who I kept in touch with over letters for over 12 years, to be overtaken by Whatsapp messages eventually) and a nice get-together with some college mates. This was epic. And all that mattered was good food, gossip and a soothing hot cuppa coffee. Who’s working where, who’s dating who, who’s developed an allergy to gluten and who’s tired of ‘jobs’…and of course the highs and lows of our own lives! Such an important conversation! I haven’t been so much in touch with any of these people, but that’s just me. These meetings were not to blame each other for the number of phone calls that went unattended or to remind each other how neglected we felt.

I was a stupid girl in school. I was the strange one, the oh-so-particular one. Alex from Modern Family is a painful reminder of the socially awkward me. And then college gave me the much awaited opportunity to be who I was, with no worry about preconceived notions. It was bliss. I loosened up, started paying attention to things that mattered, started enjoying the spirit of life. I loved this new me because it was who I was, not who people conjectured me to be. Meeting friends from both school and college was an endearing reminder of both these versions of me. It was a reminder of the journey I have had with myself.

Speaking of friends, aren’t there always too many people who make their presence felt in your life but get lost in the maze that life turns into? I am a lucky soul. There have been so many that I have connected with in no time. Took me less than a minute to get talking to them and lesser than that to know that every small conversation with them will be cherished forever. Some obviously matter more than the others. I may not be too good with keeping in touch but I do remember them…I do miss them… and I even want to go back in time so I can relive the crazy stupid times I spent with them. Sometimes, it is so obvious that you are creating a memory…



2 thoughts on “Food, friends and a Cuppa Coffee!”

    1. There are people who mean so much… But we somehow fail to acknowledge them as much as we should… This is for all those who think I’ve forgotten them… But in my heart they are still the special ones…


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