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Time crawls…

Time… a human metric to measure the collection of moments that might define an event, an experience, a phase, an epoch or maybe…the collection of moments that went unnoticed. There are so many quotes that are often used which talk about Time…

‘Time flies…’

‘Time stops for no one’

‘Time heals all wounds’

‘Time is money’

‘You may delay, but time will not’ – Benjamin Franklin

And the most famous of them all by Albert Einstein – ‘Time is an illusion!’

Time is such a central player in the lives of each of us. It is no wonder that poets find their inspirations when they write about the times they have spent with someone or the time they wish to spend with someone. The idea of time for a physicist is quite different. Stephen Hawking, for example, talks about time quite often but in the context of the beginning of the universe and its possible end. Human time lines are much smaller compared to that of our Universe. However, the time that goes by in the life of one man itself etches so many details onto the fabric of universal time.

One life…about 70 years…innumerable breaths…and innumerable memories. Those of you who know how to swim must have gone through the phase where you can’t breathe under water during training. It’s quite a task to be so much in control of yourself. But the lack of breath enlightens the importance of it, much like the lack of time does the importance of that. The lack of time however, is not real. To say “I don’t have time” is basically implying “I don’t want to have time”. I have used that excuse several times myself. I do regret not doing certain things when I could have accommodated them. But I have learnt better.

Time passes by us without us turning our heads to notice it. Each day we go about our work and duties swiftly switching between the two, ignoring the moments that went by. We spend time thinking about what went on yesterday and how it could affect today or how we could have done better. We spend time thinking about what the future is going to be like and what we are going to do once we are done with the current list of to-dos. But the moment in which we are, right now, passes by and we fail to acknowledge it.

‘NOW’ is the most important moment…and failing to acknowledge it will result in imperfect yesterdays and unhappy tomorrows. Time only crawls by us…it’s because we fail to notice it that we think it flies. Theory of Relativity indeed!


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