Airport Diaries

One of the posts I read today was by ‘thisizapen’ on wordpress titled ’10 things I hate about the Airport’. The post was a good way to prod me into writing this article.

I have mixed feelings about airports. The security checks are annoying and the ground staff isn’t always friendly in guiding you through things but otherwise it is a funny place. I have heard several anecdotes about the security checks at airports. One of my friends apparently got away with a kitchen knife in his hand-luggage. Obviously placed there by mistake, the knife wasn’t so much as noticed by the security staff who were busy looking at his walk-in X-ray scan! I guess one person can only focus on one thing at a time! 😀 I had a funny experience myself…I was traveling abroad (obviously I won’t tell you where!) and at the security counter, they asked me to open my bag as they had spotted liquids in it. I opened and showed them a deodorant (courtesy long flight, longer layover!) and a hand sanitizer. Instead of taking away both things, as is the rule, the security guy wanted to smell both! He actually asked me, “Could I smell these?” What option did I have but to say, “Sure!” with a smile, of course. He smelt the two and eventually ended up confiscating my deodorant because he liked it! While I couldn’t believe what was going on, I simply walked through the gate laughing (in my head)! I have also heard of someone walking through customs with some transgenic stuff in his pocket! Another time this old woman walked through to the security desk at a domestic airport and while she was asked to remove her sweater and put it on the tray, she refused to budge as she was cold and there was a huge language issue as is usual in India! I couldn’t help but laugh…

So much in the name of security…

While all this is fun to watch, the moments captured at airports are unique. People saying their good byes…people meeting their relatives after long intervals…people reading books over coffees…people eating the insanely expensive airport food…desperate mothers trying to keep their kids from running away…the charm is in the chaos. The most beautiful moment I have witnessed at the airport is of a kid, not more than 5 years of age, run to her grand father (who was on a wheelchair) and touch his cheek and ask how he was. Her father lifted her and put her on the grandfather’s lap. The frail man smiled a smile that I will never forget…

Distance brings out the truest of all emotions!


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