We all Scream for Ice Cream!!!!

Ice creams are always a nice treat to the palate. Indulging in ice creams was my plan for this evening. I had been craving for this particular brand of ice cream for about a year and when I finally could have it, I decided to dive into it with no bars at all.The sight of that large scoop teased my eyes and the first morsel melted away into my mouth. I was glad that neither the quality nor the quantity had deteriorated over the years. I had been their loyal customer for over 15 years now! I was determined to have at least two other scoops to satisfy my craving before I stepped out of the shop.
A small commotion behind me disturbed my moment. I turned around, slightly irritated. A group of kids begging on the streets had gathered in front of the shop and the waiter was serving them the same large scoops of ice cream he served us. The joy on the faces of those innocent children was incredible! They collected one paper cup each with their scoop of ice cream. They huddled up together on the foot path and ate in peace, like it was the best thing they had ever tasted and as if all the worries in their lives were gulped down with the flavors. One sight at that and their happy faces and a wave of satisfaction ran through my veins. The warmth of their affection towards each other was beautiful…my initial plan of having several scoops changed as a sudden satisfaction crept into my heart.
While I felt sorry that life was very difficult for some, my father said something unbelievably wise…something that experience and life alone can make you think!
“Now that the boys have got the taste of it, they will either steal for it or earn enough to some day be able to afford it!”
How true…


3 thoughts on “We all Scream for Ice Cream!!!!”

  1. “Now that the boys have got the taste of it, they will either steal for it or earn enough to some day be able to afford it!”- this may be true about Ice Cream. However, in a Tamil film Kaaka Muttai, two brothers who are no more than 7/8 years work really hard to earn enough money to eat Pizza at an outlet near to the slum in which they live. Once they have enough money,they go there only to be denied entry due to their shabby clothes. They earn more & buy decent clothes. They are turned away as the Security Guard recognises them. They are treated rudely & manhandled by the shop supervisor. All this is recorded by a friend from the slum on his mobile. This clip falls in the hands of some rogue in the slum who blackmails the Pizza outlet owner for a big amount. Meanwhile, a partner of this rogue sells the clip to a TV news channel which starts telecasting it. The brothers are invited to the outlet with the TV media attending the event. They are given Pizza of their choice. They taste it and are disappointed and comment that their granny had done a great job at home. The granny was shown the Pizza outlet pamphlet & she had made a thick dosa and used nicely cut vegetables for toppings.The brothers were not satisfied then, but fondly recalled it in the Pizza outlet exclaiming “Granny’s Pizza was great”.


    1. Thank you so much for the comment. The film sounds wonderful. And yes, we often work towards something but when we get it we are bemused at how our expectations are much higher than what we get in the end.


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