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Bollywood Bandwagon!

This afternoon I learnt from a friend that Le Zepp is not the name of a person but a band! Haha…That’s how stupid I am! My only musical influences are Hindustani and Carnatic classical music and the famous Bollywood music!

Most people around the world are reminded of the loud and colourful song and dance sequences when talked to about Bollywood films. And why not! Our films are heavily driven by their music and dance. And beautifully so! Honestly, I don’t think Bollywood music is half as bad. Yes, there are songs I am not too proud of but there are others that I could listen to repeatedly without getting bored.

My current obsession from Bollywood is  ‘Pashmina Dhago ke Sang’ from Fitoor. The song has a heart. And the singer delivers it with an honesty you cannot miss. Maybe because I am a writer, I am biased towards songs with good lyrics. And this one qualifies! I speak several Indian languages and I am glad because I can understand and appreciate the beauty of each of these. certain things expressed in a certain language can never be translated into another while doing complete justice. When I sometimes try and translate the meanings of certain Tamil songs into Hindi for my friends, I feel a part of me cringing due to my inability to substantiate the writer’s thoughts.

Bollywood music has two things that I admire. Amidst several ludicrous fabrications are some real beautiful pieces of work. There are songs that are beautifully written, to say the least about them, and songs that mirror the singer’s emotions. It is indeed amazing how emotions cannot be lied about and how an audio file brings with it an entire array of emotions through the voice of the singer.

Today Bollywood music can make me laugh, cry, mourn, celebrate, regret and look forward to something! There is no mood that Bollywood music cannot or has not captured! Touche…


8 thoughts on “Bollywood Bandwagon!”

  1. Just read your blog! Couldn’t help commenting because I sail in the same boat! I can only associate myself with Carnatic music and Bollywood! And even with Bollywood, I’m choosy because in this decade, only loud rap sells, the type I would gladly give a miss.
    Fitoor songs take you to another world. You’ve heard Lootera songs? Even they are magical 🙂


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