The Midsummer Cambridge Trip!

Well, a dear friend requests me to write about my experience in Cambridge… So here is a small post summarizing my time in the wonderful city!
I was lucky to experience Cambridge summers… A time of the year when every tree puts on its golden yellow hues and shines back at the sun, almost challenging it’s beauty! I landed on a Saturday after almost 15 hours of continuous travel… Yes that’s how long it takes to get there from India! And as tired as I was, I couldn’t help but stare at the lovely thatched roof houses and the narrow streets on the way to my temporary home. Everything was so different from the sights my eyes were used to in India.
My first amazing experience in Cambridge was of the lovely flea market at Trumpington park and my host family, who are now my ‘British parents’, took me there. The books and clothes and shoes and accessories and vegetables and meat… Everything under the sun for such cheap rates… I will always cherish walking around with Tony (dad) looking at the books and helping Dilly (mom) find the perfect things for the grand kids. In fact, ‘Girl with a Pearl Earring’, the book I cherish most was bought on one such visit to the flea market! I remember dad telling me that sometimes you find invaluable treasures there… Indeed!
It took me just over a week to find my comfort zone in a city so far away from home where I knew nobody. And that was mostly because of the people I met there, who went out of their way to make me feel at home…
Although those few months were meant to contribute to my scientific abilities (I went there for an internship), that’s not what I’ll remember the trip for (though obviously I gained a lot on that front too). I met a new person in myself during those months. That new found freedom to explore the world, the small salary to cover my expenses, the wonderful feeling of being a total stranger, the sight of cathedrals and colleges…it set me free…it liberated the timid heart of mine. The independence gave me confidence, strength. Everything seemed to add up to provide me with an experience I won’t ever forget. For the first time in my life, I worried about nothing. All my time went into planning the weekend trips and the weeks were sandwiched between all the fun. Every trip to the bank with that tiny cheque was filled with more hopes and thoughts of a better plan for the next weekend. I put my finger on the map and read about it on the Internet and set out with a tiny lunch pack which mom made for me – a lettuce and cheese sandwich, a tiny bar of chocolate, a pack of crisps, a small cup of yogurt! And that tasted best after loads of walking and exploring…
I clicked several thousand pictures each day as everything looked new and delightful. I fearlessly walked around the city, explored tiny corners, got lost and found my way back… Every day I repeated the exercise…
I spent hours together reading in the lush green park, amazed by the fact that the sun set around 10 at night (that never happens in India)! Something as small as that thrilled me. I spent hours lazing around in sunlight (which only found its way to the ground when the clouds allowed)… I walked into every shop to see what they had to offer… On weeks where I saved more than I expected, I treated myself to a meal at the Rainbow Cafe!!
From my first sight of late -night sunset to my first sip of champagne on the punt, Cambridge offered incredible experiences… I went there with nothing more than dreamy eyes and a timid heart but returned with a million memories and wonderful friends…
Wish you all find that one trip that sets your hearts and your spirits free…


1 thought on “The Midsummer Cambridge Trip!”

  1. Dear Aishwarya,
    I am so proud to read each and every blog and needless to mention that blog-by-blog, you are growing. I like the way you explain things, which anyone can imagine themselves, just sit at home or elsewhere, dreaming that they will also get a chance to visit. You are lucky enough to explore things the way you wanted (fearlessly). I really appreciate and admire you, my dear daughter. I hope, your dad will also take me to these places, very soon, Continue blogging about various places that you have visited……

    Good Luck to you,


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