Lime Zest and a Dash of Honey!

I wake up when it’s still dark and before the alarm goes off. I turn around to look at the time on my not-so-smart-anymore phone. It flashes brightly the time along with tens of messages and emails and comments (on the blog) that were sent to me much after I had danced my way to my beautiful dreams. With one eye open (and the other tightly shut lest I should lose my sleep completely) I read all of them making a mental note to reply to each one when I get a moment during the day. With that done I try to sleep for a few more minutes (always more treasured than the hours of sleep I grab at night) but the alarm finally goes off. I toy around with the idea of sleeping for longer but I can’t! The rest of my schedule will go haywire if I don’t wake up right away… And I can’t afford that!
I stretch my body and look around my tiny room. This is not my ‘home’ but it means that and a lot more to me, now that I’ve spent quite a few years away from the ‘home’! My room is clean…efforts taken the previous night battling with my eyes that were forcing themselves shut. I’m happy. I open the windows wider and look out. The world has awakened… I hear the birds chirping and smile… I take in the crisp freshness in the air. It’s getting brighter. After tidying the bed and getting done with ‘morning business’ I grab my phone (the only source of entertainment I have apart from my laptop which is a pain to switch on – courtesy old model and no battery life!) and get onto the wordpress app. I spend some time reading people’s blogs… There are such wonderful writers out there! I look for new blogs and follow at least one new blog each day, while also inviting them to stop by mine. I can’t compromise with this… I have to spend some time reading and getting inspired by others! I also make notes of what my next post could be about. I look at the top right corner of the phone… The minute changes to the next number. I would love to continue reading but I can’t… I shouldn’t!
I pull out my yoga mat and sit down. I try hard to not think of anything else… Not the blogs, not about what I’m going to write next, not about the experiments that wait for me in the lab, not about things-to-buy! I spend an hour swiftly changing postures. I’ve become better. No more sore muscles or incomplete postures. The ones I practice regularly, I’ve perfected! I smile. I’ve been trying my hand at a few new ones. Not bad. But I need to get better. I spend another half an hour trying to focus my thoughts on all the positive things in my life. Honestly, I’m quite satisfied. I have no clue about the time. I look at the phone again. I’ve spent a little less than two hours doing yoga. I finish with a couple of mantras, fold and put away my yoga mat and walk to the kitchen. I boil some water and make myself some green tea, lime zest with a dash of honey, the packet reads (my new found love). While the kettle does its job, I wash dishes (should’ve done this last night before I went to bed… But I’ve never managed that!). I sit with my tea, looking out the window. It’s bright and full of life! I play some music on the phone at low volume. I hum along. The neighbour’s dog can’t stop barking…the only disturbance in the otherwise perfect morning! I would love for time to stop… I would love to spend the rest of my day doing this… But my phone warns me that it’s time to get ready and go to work. I agree (that takes another 30 minutes)!  Finally I pick up my bag (making a mental note to try and reduce the number of things I carry to work each day) and walk out the door with my mind now focused on the things I need to get done today…I’d like to get done early… Let’s hope I do!!
I greet the people in the lab (I’m one of the earliest to arrive) with a smile… It’s been a wonderful morning… And a long one at that. I could get quite a lot done! My Labmate walks in complaining how sleepy she was as she woke up just half an hour ago!!!!! Sigh…


10 thoughts on “Lime Zest and a Dash of Honey!”

  1. Enjoyed this blog article as well. You mentioned details, your thoughts while busy with things and you let longer sentences follow by shorter ones. All good.
    Since you requested feedback, I dare to offer some. 🙂
    You use in parentheses quite a lot, while those are mostly your thoughts. For me that reads distracting. Might be personal, though. My suggestion: make the thoughts italic. Preferably in a new sentence. When you have a bit of a longer blog, you could add paragraphs. That enhances readability.
    Hopefully the tips are helpful to you.
    Happy blogging!


      1. Keep that excitement. People who read your blog will feel that excitement. It’s a good thing! Don’t loose it. Your blog article was fine. Improvement is always good, but in the end it’s about how you feel about a written piece. People can hand out tips, but you definitely decide if you can use those or not. 🙂


      2. The problem with paragraphs and italics is usually a cause of writing on the wordpress app. Since I can’t carry the laptop everywhere, sometimes I write on the app when I’m really motivated! But I did look at how it appears on the blog and now I understand why you said it’s distracting when it’s in parentheses and the paragraphs aren’t well defined. Thanks for pointing out though. It was really helpful. Cheers.

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  2. I never worked with the WordPress app, so I have no clue what the disadvantages are. 😉 But I totally believe you that fine-tuning then becomes a bit difficult. I only ‘work’ on a desktop. I guess I’m a bit old-fashioned, because I never really was able to get the hang of using the internet on a mobile phone or I-pad and similar. Those small screens and ‘keyboards’, aaargh, lol.
    Glad you didn’t take it as bad criticism! It sure wasn’t meant like that. 🙂


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