Just a minute to squeeze this in...

Over Spilt Masala




Sundays are usually about cleaning the house and washing clothes and cooking food (the last one mostly as a reminder of what food can actually taste like and as a preparation for the upcoming week-long stint of canteen meals)! Vegetable fried rice and sweet and spicy tomato gravy were on the menu for lunch today. Cooking is always a lot of fun when you have friends helping around and/or messing it up! It took us about an hour of singing along with the loud music, teasing and laughing, chopping vegetables, spilling the masala (ground spices) due to oily hands and some actual cooking! The pictures you are looking at are of what we ended up with!!! Have no doubts, it tasted as good as it looked…. You guys have a happy Sunday too! I’m off to do the dishes…


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