The Memory Chain

I was going through other’s blogs and smiling about the treasure on wordpress, which I unfortunately didn’t know about till I joined the community! Reading people’s blogs makes me think, smile, envy, cringe and remember! All of this, just through their beautiful words and/or pictures.

This post is inspired by where she’s put up pictures of empty chairs and written about her grandma Margaret, whom she misses too much! The only cruel moments in life are when your loved ones are snatched away…her post reminded me of many small moments I shared with my grandpa. Here are a few of those…

He would pick me up where the schoolbus dropped me everyday and would always meet me with a whole packet of chocolates!

We would fight over what to watch on TV! I rooted for cartoons while he rooted for news!

He would accompany me in the evenings when I went cycling with my friends.

He had a nice chair – his chair! And I would sit on his lap and talk for hours together about school and teachers and classmates who were or were not nice to me, about neighbors and friends and family!

The only stories he told me though, and those were my favorite too, were stories of how my dad and I were born! I loved listening to them… He shared the tension before, the anxiety during and the excitement post birth… And I loved listening to it the way he recollected them!

And one fine day, he left us… I wasn’t able to meet him before it happened… I can’t remember the last time I met him… I do remember the last time we spoke on phone though… He was in the hospital, frail and in pain, but he gathered energy to speak to me for one whole minute to wish me luck for my exams! And those wishes have carried me through the toughest times… He hadn’t been a great father, nor brother, nor anything else to the family but he had been the best grandpa in the world! And I miss him and cry when I do… I may never get over this loss…

Maybe you are reminded of someone you love… Maybe you should write one post sharing those memories… Who is that one person you lost and will never forget? Continue the MEMORY CHAIN!

Love to all who read this and a hug to those who miss someone!


12 thoughts on “The Memory Chain”

  1. What a beautiful post! It bought tears to my eyes. I miss people in my life, my dad and my nan…but I can’t say the relationships with them were memorable. I just miss them in the sense that I can’t make an adult relationship with either of them. I can’t heal the past with either of them. I’m glad you had such a great relationship with your grandpa.

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    1. Thanks so much for saying such great things about the post! I’m glad you liked it and even more glad that you remembered your dad and your nan. Some relationships are great, some are tough but all are a part of us. Maybe you can’t heal the past, but writing about it can help you get over it… Maybe it’ll help you feel better. Often when I write, I realize the other end and though I may not be able to agree, I get to the point of being at ease! I hope you find your ease too.

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  2. Sweet little memories are personal to each one of us. To you, he was special regarless of your grand dad’s relationships with others. I think every family has people in it who connect more with one certain other family member.


    1. Absolutely! Families are complex, and every family is dysfunctional in some way! But I was lucky to find that one person who would do anything for me! πŸ™‚ so, should I expect you to continue the memory chain? πŸ™‚ do write something… It feels great writing about someone who loved you do much!

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  3. Beautifully written. I’m touched, remembering my own grandpa. You have so eloquently described your memories of him. And how you felt when he was gone. And you’re right. It doesn’t really matter if he wasn’t a great father or brother. Missing someone you love is above all that.


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