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A Gentle Blue Hyacinth

A prose-poetry inspired by the beautiful picture (titled Blue Hyacinth)  Paul put up on his site. Click here to look at his brilliant work. You are truly gifted Paul…thank you so much for letting me use this picture (it’s my favourite from the recent set you uploaded)! My words may not completely justify the beauty of what you have captured but I hope my appreciation has traveled a little way towards you in the form of this poem!  Continue reading “A Gentle Blue Hyacinth”

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6:00 PM!

“The curse of Life Sciences: We are busy studying life and we don’t even realize when it Passes By!” – Archit (click here to read his blog)

That hour of the day when you are busy wrapping up your work and rushing through the last minute things…signing the required documents, going through some others, and probably planning the next day before you shut down the computers and head out the door, relaxed! Continue reading “6:00 PM!”


And the Winners Are…

So…I have thought carefully about who I want to nominate for the Liebster Award…

I took time because well, most blogs I follow are by amazing writers who have been blogging for a long time (at least the number of people following their blog suggests that!) and I think they must have already received this award a few times by now. Since the award is for new bloggers, I thought I should take some time to read new blogs and nominate those I love…And then finally, after having read over 20 new blogs, I decided on nominating the following bloggers (I don’t know if these guys have received this award already…but this is my way of saying thanks for entertaining me with their posts and that I find them amazing!). Continue reading “And the Winners Are…”

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Liebster Award

liebster award

Awesome!!! 😀 This means so much…Thanks Diksha who writes at A Writer’s Cauldron for nominating me. With a smile on my face and a cheer in my heart, I accept this award. And of course, the promises of writing better and keeping you entertained through my posts…I wish we could strike a pose together (after all pictures are THE THING these days…if you haven’t clicked a picture and displayed on some social networking site, you haven’t done it at all)!!!!

Anyways…I am humbled. Just over 40 posts old and I get appreciated for what I put up here. Cheers to all those of you who have received the award already and to those who are yet to receive it, but certainly will. Keep writing… Continue reading “Liebster Award”

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A Cell is a Broken Radio!

I usually don’t write more than one post a day but today my brain is a fertile land on which there are sprouting thoughts of all kinds. Different categories of my still developing blog are shouting for my attention today. Maybe this thought process itself demands a separate post! But anyways…here’s what I am thinking about right now. A little Sciency…

The current model is true only till it is proven wrong. Continue reading “A Cell is a Broken Radio!”