Butterfly Effect!

Maybe you’d like a peek into how my day has been?


Was supposed to start work at 9:30 AM; had something to do at 9:30AM, 1:00PM, 3:00PM! It was supposed to be a nice day, with quite some work but quite a bit of time to look around and read some papers and take coffee breaks and  imbibe the beauty of life and all that!

Unexpected meeting at 11:00AM.

Couldn’t start that ‘something’ at 9:30AM because then I would have had to walk out of the meeting before it got over. So the 9:30AM thing got postponed. Meeting got over at 1:10PM! The 1:00PM ‘something’ got postponed. Had to head for lunch immediately because otherwise it would be too late and the canteen doesn’t serve beyond 1:40PM!!! So….

Had lunch, came back, rushed to do the ‘something’ that I had to do at 9:30AM. Because that couldn’t be postponed anymore. Ran around like a maniac to finish that bit so I could hurry to the next pending job..the 1:00PM thing! Finished with the 1:00PM thing too. But now the 3:00PM thing has been postponed to 5:00PM thing because it depended on when I finished the 1:00PM thing!

I finally take a moment to sit on my desk and switch on my laptop (I usually do this as soon as I step into the lab!). I switch it on and log in to my email account just to see a million emails…I sort through them to look at the most important ones from the purchase department or the stores (for some reason, I am responsible for all the orders we need to place and to track them till the items arrive, the other person who does this with me is on leave and I am missing her terribly!!!!). So the important ones need immediate action. I make a few calls on my phone…can’t reach the vendor…a few other calls on the intercom and sort out a few things I absolutely have to. I realize that I need to order a couple of other things…but the guy who asked for these things hasn’t provided me with the details of how many vials of those he needs for his experiments!!! Bummer…I will have to order that later…which means I will have to squeeze out about 20 minutes to do that separately. God knows if I will have that kind of time today…and it needs to be done TODAY!!!! Why couldn’t they tell me earlier??? Urghhhh

Meanwhile a friend I haven’t spoken to in ages is texting me on phone. How do I tell her that I am in the middle of a million things and hardly have the itme ot correct typographic errors in this post? (Did you see the itme instead of time and ot instead of the to???) Phew…I have to reply to her or she will throw the same guilt-causing “You never reply to my messages!”…well honestly, I don’t always…not that I am specifically ignoring her but I need to get other things done and I work between 9:00AM to 11:00PM most days and I am terribly exhausted by the time I get home.

Anyways…that ‘something’ that I had to get done at 9:30AM just got done with (thanks to all the postponing!). I will go attend to that and get back here to tell you guys about the rest of my day.


Three washes now – 5 minutes each. I put the samples in for the first wash and call the vendor guy again. This time he picks up! Woohoo! So I ask for what I need and he says he will send me the quotation for the products immediately! Sweet! I have to finish the two remaining washes and then finish up some more of my work before I get to updating the post further.


So I just got done with the stuff I was supposed to get done with way before now. Samples all washed and slides ready for microscopy. The slot is tomorrow, so now I can leave them to dry and keep them at 4 degrees till the microscopy session tomorrow. Phew – one task completed! But it’s already time for the ‘something’ I had initially planned to do at 3:00PM but got postponed because of the meeting postponing the ‘something’ I had to do at 1:00PM and all of that you just read! Okkay…should head to the place where they’ve kept the Blood Irradiator (yes, I work in the field of DNA damage repair and I often use Gamma irradiation emitted by the Blood Irradiator to cause DNA damage in cells! :P)…I need to finish this irradiation now because then I will be able to start my work at 10:00AM tomorrow morning. Everything is TIME bound! Anyways…I’m off!


Done with the irradiation. Just a few last minute things to be taken care of before I read some papers (most important part of science is the reading!) and then head out for a swim and forget the whole day and all the days that are to follow and all the deadlines I have to meet as I float peacefully….sounds so inviting! Should I go right away? Maybe not…I should do my reading or my schedule after the swim will go for a toss!!!

Wow…Look at this post. I thought I should explore a little and see what kind of articles I can actually come up with. While things got delayed and postponed throughout today, I thought it would be nice to write something in the breaks I get to make it sound more like a running account of how my day usually is. And here! The result isn’t too bad I hope! Sometimes, you plan your day so carefully and yet things don’t happen as you had imagined them! 🙂 One thing leads to the other and so on and so forth and you end up with a blog post through it all!!! EXCITING 😀 A different kind of a Butterfly Effect.

I hope you guys had a good day!


20 thoughts on “Butterfly Effect!”

  1. wow quite a day crammed with all the sudden unexpected bits and pieces that life pours down on us! felt the energy and the enthusiasm of the writer and also life breathing down like a bossy aunty or a matron at school!


    1. Wow! Never expected to read such a beautiful comment for a post that was written in the spur of the moment! I’m glad my writing conveyed my energy and frustration! I must have improved then!


  2. I have the best plans which are often thwarted. It’s hard to stay calm and on task when that happens. You are very busy doing important work. I like the premise of your blog. I hope you swim often.


  3. Swimming is so soothing and beneficial. It is time away from everything. In work as in life, I think it is better to aim for going the distance rather than all out sprints. I think we last longer, are more productive and enjoy life/work more. It is hard to accomplish in a trying atmosphere. Good luck and keep blogging. You have lots of important things to share. Lori


  4. Like you, having to put off something you planned to do in the day for later can be frustrating and it can throw the rest of your plans into a bit of a frenzy! 😀 But at least you got around to doing it all in the end. Hope you got back to your friend’s messages in the end. Somehow my friends like to message me when I am at my most busiest and have so many things to do. Sometimes I try to sneak in a reply or two. If not, then I will tell myself if they are a good friend, they will understand and wait 🙂


    1. I did…. Thanks 🙂 when I look back, it often feels like that day wasn’t as busy as today! I’m looking forward to more articles from you 🙂


  5. That was a roller-coaster of a day, Ash (how’s that for a short name…?). With the climatic swim and the butterfly effect, one wonders if you ended up with buoyancy or levitation…):)..):)…


    1. Indeed. It was a tiring day…Love the witty comment. Buoyancy or Levitation? A little bit of both maybe? The thoughts levitated as the buoyant forces held me up in water 🙂


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