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The Ant Congregation

So I woke up and went ahead with my usual routine. When I sat down with my mug of green tea (today, I chose the Traditional Tulsi, and it is wonderful! You should try that if you haven’t) I looked to the wall on my right and noticed a few hundred ants on it! I freaked out… I’m no fan of ants… Especially not those that are red and bite for no reason!

I went closer to look at them and while many many ants went around from a tiny hole on the floor to another tiny hole on top of the wall near the window (I presumed they were shifting to a New House) there was a small area of congregation where some tens of those just stuck to the wall. I went closer (in spite of my heart beating fast and my brain not asking me to go any closer without risking scaring them away or being scared away myself!) and saw that there were small movements within the congregation. The ants seemed to be constantly in a state of motion but the congregation as a whole looked stationary! Wow… I’ve never seen anything like this before.

I showed it to my friend… And his thought… “they must be having a meeting! ”

I disturbed the congregation with a soft blow of air. Sudden burst of movement… The congregation dispersed. More important things to do… Saving their own life! They probably thought it was a storm. Expected and understood…

After leaving them undisturbed for a while and sipping into my tea I waited to see what happens! The congregation formed back in about a minute… Unexpected! Partially expected! Don’t know… Any experiment needs to be repeated at least thrice to ensure that the results are not sheer artifacts. Well… Repeated it two more times. Both times the congregation formed back…. What I didn’t understand is why it formed back in almost exactly the same place (give or take a centimeter!)!!!

Interesting… Do you have any ideas why they would do that???



17 thoughts on “The Ant Congregation”

  1. Curiosity kids the cat… But then again, I hate cats. Kudos to your curiosity. Interesting post. Did you consider they might be communicating? I don’t know much about ants though. But lovely post


    1. Yup…maybe they were…But whether they were communicating by means of pheromones (odour) or their motion itself is a means of communication (as is the case with waggle dances of honey bees) is something worth thinking about. I don’t know anything about ant behavior and hence I can only hypothesize! Thanks for stopping by, your comment was valuable šŸ™‚ cheers


      1. I think they made a long trip and came to my place. This evening when I came in the kitchen I had like 30 of those. šŸ˜¦ I’m not scared of them, but I don’t like them being in my kitchen either. Their reason to be there is much simpler. Spilled sugar in one of my lower cabinets. Sigh. But even without that, they come every year. I think they have nests nearby. They come through a small tiny hole next to a socket in the kitchen. They do communicate. I saw it before, as I have watched their behaviour myself once. Then one came from the left, on his or her way to the nest I guess and another came from the right. And as soon as they reached the same spot, they stopped for a few seconds and then both went on their way. And that happened over and over. Like they give each other messages or something. I found it fascinating. šŸ™‚


      2. Yes absolutely! That’s quite similar to what I saw. They are such fascinating creatures. So evolved in their forms of communication! I hope though that the ones in your kitchen are gone šŸ™‚


  2. You brought our old time memories. I just laughed myself when I read this blog and thought of how we both play with the ants in our old house. We never missed any opportunity to share our thoughts. Hope, you recollect those days. Keep writing and I think you have so many incidences to blog.

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    1. Yes absolutely. When I was writing the post I was reminded of how we played with ants time and again. We looked at how they responded to water and to sound and so on…I think those were the very first ‘experiments’ I did and I have to thank you for that šŸ™‚ Thanks for being the most regular reader of my blog mom!


      1. You deserve all the credits. I never miss any opportunity to thank God who had given me such a wonderful child. You have a long way to go.
        Thank you GOD.


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