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A Cell is a Broken Radio!

I usually don’t write more than one post a day but today my brain is a fertile land on which there are sprouting thoughts of all kinds. Different categories of my still developing blog are shouting for my attention today. Maybe this thought process itself demands a separate post! But anyways…here’s what I am thinking about right now. A little Sciency…

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Kurkure and Soda?!

Disclaimer: I am a good citizen myself and I don’t mean to make fun of O, in fact, I empathize with him…just amused at the set of events that happened. And also about N’s naivete…

Just came back from a coffee break… there’s quite some stuff to do today but it can be planned around a coffee break for a change! Had an overwhelmingly funny conversation with my labmates…and it felt revitalizing, to say the least. These are a bunch of fun people in the lab and I quite enjoy hanging out with them. They laugh uninhibitedly and that’s probably what makes me click with them.

So this old man kept featuring in our conversation.  Continue reading “Kurkure and Soda?!”