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Kurkure and Soda?!

Disclaimer: I am a good citizen myself and I don’t mean to make fun of O, in fact, I empathize with him…just amused at the set of events that happened. And also about N’s naivete…

Just came back from a coffee break… there’s quite some stuff to do today but it can be planned around a coffee break for a change! Had an overwhelmingly funny conversation with my labmates…and it felt revitalizing, to say the least.Β These are a bunch of fun people in the lab and I quite enjoy hanging out with them. They laugh uninhibitedly and that’s probably what makes me click with them.

So this old man kept featuring in our conversation.Β 

Turns out it is this man who lives on the ground floor of one of their buildings…old and frail (from the description) and left by his son to be taken care of by a caretaker. Anyhow…

The narrator of this conversation is the witty and hugely sarcastic (in a funny way, of course) N. So N starts by telling us how this once the man wanted some tea from the shop around the corner and how she sweetly offered to assist him to the shop because he probably wouldn’t have made it there by himself. N is a good citizen for sure! She walks a stranger to the shop. On the way, this ambulance stops by them and asks if they’d like to be dropped somewhere. The old man (let’s give him a name…makes it easy to refer that way, doesn’t it? So I’ll call him O…quite unimaginative but okay!) accepts the offer and N, being the good citizen she is, gets into the ambulance with O. Wow…now she’s with two strangers! That too in a van…an ambulance they haven’t booked. So O gets into the ambulance and asks the driver to get him to the hospital instead of the tea shop. N must be scared maybe? But no…N is brave and tags along anyway. At the hospital O tells the doctor about the various physical and biological problems that he’s suffering from and N gets freaked (don’t know why at this point though! She should’ve been freaked earlier by the sudden turn of events! Maybe she’s scared the bill will amount to too much and she didn’t have the money for it?) and calls the caretaker (finally!). The caretaker says O does that all the time and the doctors have, on multiple occasions, said that they can’t do anything about Old Age. The ambulance driver is another good citizen because he was waiting all the while at a hospital which is not the same as the one that employs him. Anyways so the two good citizens bring back O and drop him to his place safely. The other good citizen offers to drop N to work post all this as well. N graciously accepts the offer…the guy must have put his foot on the accelerator and taken it off of it immediately…after all work is just a couple of hundred meters away from where O and N live. But moral of the story…some good people still exist, it seems πŸ™‚

In another anecdote N tells us how one of her neighbours always cares for O…maybe more than she must! She asked O’s son why he doesn’t care of O and has left him here. N cannot help her sarcasm at this point. I agree with N that the other one has no business asking her landlord why he has left his father there (O seems to be a handful from the description). At anther occasion, the sweet neighbour sees that O hasn’t been fed and runs to the mart to get him something! How sweet…indeed! N asks her what she got for O…A packet of Kurkure and Soda! Sarcasm bursts out of every cell in N’s body as she narrates this to us and she can’t help but say the following….

“I understand that O was hungry and one must help in such situations…but maybe it’s not a good idea to kill the poor man with a packet of crisps and soda, for God’s sake!!!”



7 thoughts on “Kurkure and Soda?!”

  1. hilarious and such a cheering story as well, that people do care when they need to! And I am sure he must have enjoyed the kurkure. I might be the only person in the world who does not!


  2. What a story! I’m glad O has people to look out for him, even if the food choices are not great πŸ˜‰ perhaps at a certain age one just says, bother! I will eat what I please?!


    1. Thank you so much for the kind words… Yes it’s indeed sweet that people look out for O! And I completely agree with the fact that after a certain age choices must be given preference over all! Thanks for stopping by.. Looking forward to your next post πŸ™‚


  3. Haha! Such a great story. I was waiting for something to go wrong with N the entire time and was surprised when all turned out well. Quite unexpected but awesome! The last part was really hilarious.. I never could have guessed from the title what this story was gonna be! Loved it!!!


    1. Thanks for the kind comment. When N narrated the whole set of incidents, I cracked up…her naivete is endearing! It was the perfect post for the day. I am glad it cracked you up too πŸ˜€

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