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If I had Boat

If I had a Boat…

I’d look at the waves gently tossing it as they go by…I’d watch as it resisted the urge to float away.

I’d dream of getting onto it and I’d think of never seeing another beltway.

I’d look at the Sun rise or set and dream of never returning to the life I know.

I’d fear no future nor present so, I’d look at the horizon, my mind aglow.

I’d row till I tire my arms, I’d break and take a look around.

I’d miss those I that left behind, I’d sigh and wait for my spirit to rebound.

With cool breeze calming my insides, I’d let my hair flow wild

I’d shake away those thoughts, I’d never let myself be beguiled.

For I’d be willing to row till I reach the end, but I’d realize the feelings I’d have to contend.

I may dream of the world beyond, but I’d never sleep sound…

If I left these people behind, my heart will never be aligned.

With ambitions that I have for myself, nor smiles that I will for myself.

I’d think about a minute or two, I’d watch the sun as it sets down

Through the eyes that were blinded by dreams; thoughts that are hard to redeem.

I’d watch till I have no regret, till my heart satisfies its greed.

I’d watch till I feel like the sight can never escape me, not through words, not through breath!

I’d turn around then, to the world I’ve known and seen

The world I have disliked, the world that has lost its sheen.

For there are people in it who I love more

Than I can ever say or show…

For those people held me close, when these eyes had not yet started dreaming.

For those are the ones who hugged me tight and left my aching heart gleaming.

I’d row faster and faster towards the shore,

To tell them what I had seen before….

Featured Image Picture Credit: Ravi Kumar Boyapati

(Image taken at Bekal fort)




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