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Sometimes we are taught the simplest of lessons by the commonest of sights. And yet, we fail to acknowledge them. We speed away in our cars and bikes and look at the traffic, instead of these beautiful sights. We walk right beside it but complain not of our ways, but of its faults! Continue reading “While”


And the Winners Are…

So…I have thought carefully about who I want to nominate for the Liebster Award…

I took time because well, most blogs I follow are by amazing writers who have been blogging for a long time (at least the number of people following their blog suggests that!) and I think they must have already received this award a few times by now. Since the award is for new bloggers, I thought I should take some time to read new blogs and nominate those I love…And then finally, after having read over 20 new blogs, I decided on nominating the following bloggers (I don’t know if these guys have received this award already…but this is my way of saying thanks for entertaining me with their posts and that I find them amazing!). Continue reading “And the Winners Are…”