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Sometimes we are taught the simplest of lessons by the commonest of sights. And yet, we fail to acknowledge them. We speed away in our cars and bikes and look at the traffic, instead of these beautiful sights. We walk right beside it but complain not of our ways, but of its faults!

While global warming is taking a toll on this world and we are all being fried in the heat, I walked to work, thinking how much worse it can get and how much longer we as a species will be able to put up with this. As construction sites are replacing the green patches of land that once kept this place cool and clean, my eyes are sore from the sight of sky-scrapers and flyovers.

When I was lost in one of those moments of disgust at the way things are, I spotted a beautiful blossom…a tree standing tall amidst the concrete and the rubble…not only did it defy the human ways, it also proclaimed that it can, with its might and its blossom, change the way things are seen.

While we invest our energies in petty gossips and insignificant quarrels, it invests its energies in filling up its branches with the soft pink hues of its flowers. It spends its time building reserves to make this happen. For this is its moment of glory…it is the show-stopper on this ramp…it flounces gracefully, with a flower or two falling off…to kiss the ground beneath it that was once so soft!

While I observe it for a minute and realize how low we are, its Creator smiles with pride and takes a humble bow!


10 thoughts on “While”

  1. Hi; Thank you for your beautiful comment but I can’t get it to appear… I’ll have to figure something out manually. Good post! True enough… And the way things are going, it may already be too late. I’ve said that before though and been wrong. Maybe nanobots will clean things up for us? The oceans are dying 😦


    1. Yes it’s indeed sad where we are headed and the future is scary. Sometimes I’m thankful that we all might not be a part of that future! But the only way around all of this is for us to think of smarter ways of cleaning this mess up and I hope we can do it sooner rather than later! Fingers crossed… Thanks for stopping by 🙂 cheers…


      1. Well I just made a post all about what you just said here, entitled: ‘Come together!’ I’m your number one fan! (Insert weird music). Actually, I want you to comment so i can see if you make it through this time. Thanks for thanking me… I intend to stop by. Your blog is interesting 😉


      2. Glad to hear you followed up! And thank you for the compliment! Am just about to make my rounds. And since you’re here…


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