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If we were Strolling Together (2)

I would first greet you with a warm smile as I am happy to have met you…I’m always happy to have company when I walk…I can talk out loud and the words won’t be lost in time…people won’t stare at me for talking to myself…and I can get some perspective from you on certain things.

The past two weeks have been strangely fulfilling and yet were made of some of the worst moments. It’s funny how the best and the worst is thrown at you together! And then, like some miracle, life expects you to catch both. And you bend and flex your body to be able to do that and having done that, now I feel like some fielder on the cricket ground. But now I am wondering…why did I have to catch hold of both those things? Should’ve let go of the worst…wish I had known earlier!

Anyhoo…(I personally hate this usage but I’ve come to use it anyways!!! :-O)

I would then tell you about how I’ve started working with an NGO called TIDE (Together in Development and Education). Well, I have no experience of working with such organizations and this is really my first and I have taken up something I am comfortable with…Writing! So TIDE is launching a magazine for high-school kids and we want to talk about recent advances and developments in science in a language that high school kids will understand. I wish I had such a magazine to read and get inspired by. But I am glad I can contribute to this one in the form of articles. And since you are with me on this walk, I would urge you to go to the website for TIDE (here) and see what these guys have been upto…it’s quite cool. Also, they are looking for some funds (from as little to as much as you can contribute) so I would ask you to consider spending a tiny amount of money for a good cause!

I would probably stop to look at some flowers and comment on how beautiful they are. I would then share pictures of some amazing flowers that bloomed just over a week ago. And these are pictures from my stupid phone (not as good as an iPhone so I’d ask you to put up with its poor quality!).

I would also tell you about how frustrated I have been as I couldn’t take more time out to write or update my blog because I’ve been overworking. I’d crib about how I have too many things to do and it’s sad that it should take me away from blogging, which I have started enjoying too much! I have especially started loving reading other blogs…so many different kinds of articles and so many different perspectives…such an amazing way to pass time. From being obsessed with novels, I am now obsessed with blogs (I’m not implying that I don’t read novels anymore because I don’t think I can do that!).

And finally…continuing my previous thought, I would tell you about some amazing blogs I have read. I would tell you about how talented Ethan is (whose picture I put up on my post called Elegant Sight) and urge you to go to Belinda’s blog (by clicking here) to see more of Ethan’s work. I would also tell you about Tric’s post about the Irish independence and how it reminded me of the various anecdotes my grandfather shared with me about the Indian Independence Movement (he served the Indian army).

Lastly, I’d ask you if you knew anything about treatments for Optic Nerve Restorations. Someone I know suffers from that and I am looking to find hospitals (anywhere in the world) that may be able to provide good treatment for her condition. So if you knew anything about it, I’d ask you for details of whom to contact or whom to speak with to know more.

With that I’d probably stop talking and ask you about your week and things you want to share with me. I’d hug you and thank you for listening patiently…and finally let you go only after having fixed an appointment with you for our next stroll…

Hope you have a nice day/evening/night…


14 thoughts on “If we were Strolling Together (2)”

  1. Just called over and delighted to see a mention. Thank you. I hope you continue to enjoy your new role and best wishes to your friend im afraid I have no knowledge on that front.


  2. First I’d have to wish you a happy Easter which really falls on the first full moon in April. Then I’d explain my pathetic weekend, and how I’m going to kill myself by jumping out a basement window. LOL! Just loved this post! Interesting life you’ve got going so far. I would keep it up. Thank you for the gacious comments you left on my site. It perks up my sagging ego to be recognized… Once again, easy, interesting reading!


    1. Thanks for stopping by. Happy Easter to you too. Pathetic weekend…haha…lots of us are having those I suppose! But I hope you have better times waiting 🙂 Glad you liked the post. Cheers


  3. What an interesting stroll with you. Congrats on getting to work with the NGO. Good luck with the magazine launch for high school kids. It sounds like a good educational resource for them. Don’t stress out too much. Sometimes we need to overwork to get things done…but sometimes, that might not be too food for us. Like you, I wish I have more time for blogging – but I tell myself quality over quantity and if it’s not fun, I won’t do it 😀 Also, I really like reading blogs too. There are so many blogs all over the world, and so many of them talk about different topics and what’s happening in their part of the world.


    1. Thanks for stopping by Mabel. And what a wonderful comment that was! Yes, I agree on the quality over the quantity part. I also agree with overworking sometimes to get things done but when that period goes on for long it can take a toll and I don’t like it. Basically, I like it when my day is planned… 🙂 Thanks for joining me on the stroll, I hope you like the other posts as well. Cheers 🙂

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