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6:00 PM!

“The curse of Life Sciences: We are busy studying life and we don’t even realize when it Passes By!” – Archit (click here to read his blog)

That hour of the day when you are busy wrapping up your work and rushing through the last minute things…signing the required documents, going through some others, and probably planning the next day before you shut down the computers and head out the door, relaxed! You look forward to reaching home, slipping into those pajamas, being greeted by the furry dog, hugging your partner and settling on the couch with that mug of coffee/tea and having a great conversation and/or watching TV (depending on what you prefer).

Let us rewind a little. Back to 6:00 PM…

That hour of the day when you are busy wrapping up your work and rushing through last minute things.


6:00 PM…in another corner of the world.

Last minute stuff…some more research articles to be read before the meeting tomorrow, the ongoing experiment to be finished so you can report its results as well. That glass wall separates you and your work from the incredibly beautiful sunset.

6:00 PM…

For some people, it is just another number…the day is longer than that, the to-do list more than what can fit in a page. It is nowhere close to the end. They are nowhere close to shutting down that computer and walking out that door. Those artificial lights fuel their spirits as they go about their work while a curtain of brilliant orange falls on the rest of the world and eventually what is left for these souls is Darkness. They miss another opportunity to witness nature’s charm and they don’t know it either. While science is fun, it has its demands (just like the pagan Gods demand their sacrifices…sounded like the right analogy!)…But then what doesn’t?

What are the demands of your careers?

Picture credit: Ravi Kumar Boyapati


14 thoughts on “6:00 PM!”

  1. Thanks for quoting me. Although I’m sure a lotta people have said a lotta times. The article is amazing as always…and well my career is the same as yours. Science at the expense of life…that’s life science for us. Haha


  2. Well well, I am a college going girl and it gets over by 2:00 pm. So, by 6:00 pm, I am free to do things I like. Recently, as I started this blog, blogging is the my new favorite thing to do at 6:00 pm. Reading, writing, thinking !!
    Anyways, your post was good. Simple and light.


  3. Everyone has their own versions of 6 PM, but, mine is entirely different. Spend sometime in the Puja Room and thank God for having given me everything during the day and pray for the rest of the day.


    1. Wow! I never thought a simple comment like this could have such a profound impact on me. Your 6:00 PM is a blessing and your honesty endearing. Hope you have several beautiful evenings… Thank you so much for reading through.


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