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Racing with Opaque Hearts

Rajiv Bakshi, who writes rajivbakshiblog sent me a picture with a request to feature that in my blog. He worked with the Punjab and Sind bank, starting his work life from Guwahati (where he was first posted) and retired from Machhiwara in Ludhiana. At the age of 62 he has authored a short-story collection called Journey from Guwahati to Machhiwara! While many of us dream of things but consider ourselves too old to start anew, Rajiv has really inspired me by taking a new turn in life and writing

I spent quite some time wondering what would make for a good text to complement the image…and the result is for all of you to judge!

Let’s take a moment to sit back and think where we started from and where we’ve reached. Each life is a story and each man’s is a unique one. I hope you enjoy the following prose-poem which is my take on the well known rat-race and how things change over time while one is busy running! Continue reading “Racing with Opaque Hearts”


The Sam I Miss!!!

Today I’ll probably take a moment to tell you all about Sam! An important part of my life, I never met him, nor heard him speak. I never walked with him, nor heard him laugh. How then, did I know Sam? How then, did he touch my life as gently as we touch a flower?
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The TamBrahm Spunk (2)

My  TamBrahm friend’s sister got married to a Punjabi! If you are a TamBrahm you’ve already phased out into a state of extreme shock.

Because of course, chamathu kondai isn’t technically allowed to choose the person with whom she is going to spend the rest of her life!

If you have no idea of what I am talking about, click here to first absorb the spirit! Continue reading “The TamBrahm Spunk (2)”

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Train of Thoughts…

I had to make a quick trip home. Like a really quick one. I took the first available and affordable flight! The flying time is an hour and a half and on most occasions, I sleep right after take-off, even before the cabin crew briefs us about the safety instructions (the constant hum of the engines puts me to sleep all the time).

I come from a modest background and flights were not even an option when I was growing up. We used to travel to Chennai to meet our relatives during the summer vacation. Navjeevan Express would escort us from Ahmedabad to Chennai over 2 days! This is how the journey unfurled over the two days. Continue reading “Train of Thoughts…”

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The TamBrahm Spunk (1)!

So this popular page called ‘wearetambrahms’ on some social media attracted my way to the sweet TamBrahm ways of life! And I just discovered that they have a blog here so obviously, I follow them now! The self-deprecating humour and comments on the funny and interesting ways of life in a normal middle-class TamBrahm household is their charm. And you must visit them to know what I am talking about. 😀 Inspired by their stuff, I am now starting a new category here called TamBrahm vs Not-so-TamBrahm…a few snippets from the life of a TamBrahm with a multicultural upbringing (ME, in case you didn’t make the connection)!  Continue reading “The TamBrahm Spunk (1)!”