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50… + Liebster Award Again!

Well…This is a very special post! I have reached the mark of 50!!! Yaaayyy!!

It feels rather amazing that I have sailed through the initial hesitations and the eventual confusions. What began as a stupid idea to just put up my writings somewhere has now transformed into much more than I could imagine. This blog is a part of me now…I enjoy sharing my experiences here, waiting to hear what people have to say about my posts and listening to their stories about their farms and offices and PhD thesis. You guys at WordPress have welcomed me with such warmth that I can’t ever stop writing and sharing my life with you all!

I had a plan for this post…I had planned to review my posts and list the best ones! So I am going to do that for sure. But there is another reason to celebrate! Becky from inbeckyshead has nominated me for the Liebster Award (click here to read her post on it)! ANOTHER ONE!! With high spirits and a huge smile, I accept this award for the second time 🙂 Thank you so much Becky!!!


While this time I will not be nominating others for it (since I very recently did one round of nominations!), I will definitely be answering Becky’s questions. Because honestly, that’s my favourite part of the process 🙂 So here you go…

Why did you start your blog?

Well initially to test how I like it and then  because I loved connecting with people! Honestly, my encouragement is the ‘likes’and ‘comments’ 🙂

Have you ever wanted to blog about something but not done it?

Yes, I wanted to blog about my opinions on the legal system after I watched this movie called Talvar (based on the murder case of Arushi Talvar)! It shows things in a completely different perspective and I started questioning the legal system in the country.

Recently, I watched the series called ‘Making a Murderer’ on Steven Avery’s case and my heart reached out to the poor man. I am again put in a spot and with both these things driving my spirit, you might read something soon on the blog!

What was your favourite childhood movie?

One of the earliest movies I remember loving is Gods Must Be Crazy!

What do you do to relax?

Listen to music, sing as loud as I can (as if I am on the stage performing and everyone can hear only me!)…And now that I have learnt swimming, I have taken a liking to floating on the water. 😀

Who’s your favourite author right now?

I have to confess that devoting time to reading blogs has compromised my habit of sitting with books!!! I am looking forward to reading some good philosophy in ‘Mrutyunjay’ (which is about the character of Karn from Mahabharat; the book was originally written in Marathi but a friend of mine claims that she has one of the best translated versions.)

What’s your biggest goal for 2016?

To eat loads of ice-cream 😀 and to travel as much as I can…

What’s your perfect holiday destination?

A place with a breath-taking view, lots of peace and amazing food (most important)…and the company of my stupid friends!

Have you tried anything new lately?

Oh I just learnt swimming. I learnt to float and to waddle my feet while moving my arms and stuff but I was so scared of running out of breath or inhaling water instead of air that I used to crane my neck out of water while I swam. And then a considerate fellow swimmer taught me the breathing technique and now I’m reasonably comfortable with it 😀

What languages do you speak?

I speak English, Hindi, Gujarati, Marathi and Tamil fluently (these are all Indian languages) and I can understand a bunch of other Indian languages as well but I may not be able to respond in the same tongue 😀

Please name a female scientist without googling it (don’t worry, this is just me hi-jacking a fun quiz to satisfy my own curiosity – if you can’t name one I won’t judge).

Susan Gasser…That was a fun question and I totally understand the motivation behind it 😀

What’s your favourite creative outlet apart from blogging?

I love writing my diary…and I sing (I would like to assume that I’m not too bad at it)…I also dance at times (unfortunately this is not as frequent as it used to be)!

Thanks for these questions Becky…They were wonderful.

Now I’ll finally get to the review part…There are posts that I am very proud of and those that I wish I hadn’t written 😀 Here are the ones that I absolutely love and if you haven’t stopped by the blog to read them, you may not regret doing so now 🙂



Unvarying Conditions…

That Lost Letter!

Just a few Seconds left….

A Blessed Life…

Chakravyuh of Life

That Dosa guy!

The Game of Hypotheses

We all Scream for Ice Cream!!!!

Alike as Chalk and Cheese

Smile in the Same Language!

Lime Zest and a Dash of Honey!

Good bye C!

Inner Life of a Cell

Butterfly Effect!

If I had Boat

Elegant Sight

A Gentle Blue Hyacinth

Do read these posts and let me know what you think about it 🙂 I’m off to reading yours meanwhile!

Have a wonderful time…




16 thoughts on “50… + Liebster Award Again!”

  1. If i had to choose my favourite , it would be “Alike as chalk and cheese” and “smile in the same language”……:-) 🙂


  2. You should go back to the bottom of the blog entry… I found two seperate logos for the award itself, and the meaning of the Liebster Award! Really sweet ❤ ❤ ❤


  3. I still am a little confused what liebster award is …

    Well anyways … Good that you got it! And congrats!

    Oh and also I think you should watch Philadelphia if you are interested in legal movies! It is a masterpiece and one of my favourites. !
    Not that I dont like the Arshad warsi one( thats cool too but I keep forgetting the name) … I haven’t watched talvaar yet … I hope I get to watch it when these stupid entrances are done!
    Anyways congrats again!


    1. Oh the leibster award is a mere online award that bloggers give to new deserving ones to welcome them on board and also appreciate their writing. The rules of the award are on an older post of mine where I receiit for the first time. Yes, Philadelphia is one of my favourites too. Maybe the Arshad Warsi one you are talking about is Johny LLB!? Talvar is an absolute master pieces. Irfan Khan is sheer magic in it. You must watch it post the entrance exams. All the best for those 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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