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And a THIRD!!!

Thank you so much Spartacus2030 for nominating me for the Liebster Award!!! Can you guys believe it? This is my third in less than a month 😀 And it feels super amazing!!!! Please click here to check out the Liebster post by Spartacus2030…

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Train of Thoughts…

I had to make a quick trip home. Like a really quick one. I took the first available and affordable flight! The flying time is an hour and a half and on most occasions, I sleep right after take-off, even before the cabin crew briefs us about the safety instructions (the constant hum of the engines puts me to sleep all the time).

I come from a modest background and flights were not even an option when I was growing up. We used to travel to Chennai to meet our relatives during the summer vacation. Navjeevan Express would escort us from Ahmedabad to Chennai over 2 days! This is how the journey unfurled over the two days. Continue reading “Train of Thoughts…”