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And a THIRD!!!

Thank you so much Spartacus2030 for nominating me for the Liebster Award!!! Can you guys believe it? This is my third in less than a month 😀 And it feels super amazing!!!! Please click here to check out the Liebster post by Spartacus2030…


So I’ll stick to the stuff I love about this award (again I’m not doing the nominations because I just did them recently!)…questions… and this time I’ll also put up 11 random facts about myself 😀 Fun stuff….

First I’ll answer the questions…

Happiest moment of my life…

Umm…tough one…I’ve been blessed with some really beautiful moments! But if I had to pick one, and only because you insist, I pick the moment when I received an invitation to work in a lab in Cambridge! I had earned it and was on top of the world 😀 And of course eventually my time in Cambridge turned out to be some of my best days in life 🙂

Most fearful moment in Life…

When I thought I had lost someone very close to me!

Three movies I would watch a second time…

I’m a movie buff…but these three are what come to my mind now… 12 Angry Men, Casablanca, Guzarish (an Indian movie)

Which animal would I be?

A Squirrel…I’ve always admired their spirit and energy…they always seem joyous…

Worst job or task I’ve had to do…

I used to freelance as a writer and one of my clients wanted me to write a real messy and violent short-story. I absolutely hated it!

3 wishes…

To be able to travel all over the world without being expected to return from the journey, to have the ability to eat as much ice-cream as I please, to be dumber and ignorant about things I don’t care about!

1 million dollars???

Whoa! Loads of money…I would give up research (it pays really little!!!) and start a fun science academy instead 🙂

Favourite food…

The tangy unhealthy yummy ‘chaat’ sold on the streets of India

If I could start again, what career would I choose?

I’d like to be a dancer…I used to think I have two left feet but I discovered in college that I don’t! And I love being on stage…it gives me an ultimate high!

What country would I visit and why?

I haven’t visited too many countries (I have traveled a decent amount within India though)…but I loved my time in the UK…but if I had to go some place different, I would go to unexplored lands…

Favourite fragrance…

Fragrance of the ones I love! It’s amazing how we can identify people by their smell….

Now….Let’s see if I can list 11 random facts about myself 😀

  1. I am a fitness freak. I get irritated if my yoga is disturbed!
  2. I talk to myself…often aloud! And I sound like a lunatic!
  3. I love eating sweets but I get saturated within a bite or two.
  4. I love science but not the administrative process that accompanies it!
  5. I hate people who keep me waiting (well, I hate it when they don’t inform me of their delay)
  6. I seem like an extrovert but I am a big big introvert…I only open up to few people.
  7. I hate nail paints! I think my nails look awful when they are painted.
  8. I’d like to break free of all that’s going on in my life and just travel to a distant land for a while.
  9. If I had the option to, I’d love to be a Warrior…My adrenaline rush is evident when I even watch war sequences.
  10. Singing is one of those things I want to do more often but I don’t get to.
  11. I am the least caught up with pop-culture. I can make very little conversations about great music bands or movies or TV series or cultures…but I love listening to people who have lots to say on these lines!

Oh, how I’ve enjoyed answering these questions. And the facts were weird too…I swear I haven’t edited or erased anything I wrote here. Hope you guys enjoyed the post…I’d love to know what you think about it 🙂 Cheers!


9 thoughts on “And a THIRD!!!”

    1. Oh I absolutely do!!! Summers in India are so warm and sweaty!!! 😉 I used to eat about half a kg of icecream while I studied for exams you know.. At one go! It sounds like a heart attack in the making but with some workout I guess it’s alright 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Ice cream is good during those warm days. We have so little really warm days here that ice cream is not something I purchase really often but over the last couple of years, frozen yogurt stores have open all over town and after her horseback riding lesson, this is something Emily likes to buy. We go, she picks a flavor and fill her cup with various toppings, makes for a very happy Emily! I get some for me too while there.


  1. I think you did a great job! Isn’t it great to read about these wonderful things that connect us all up that much better? You’re an introvert and so am I… Didn’t know that ’till now! Thank you so much for running through this again! I’m so glad you enjoy this as much as you do! Fond wishes for your future as a Warrior! It certainly wouldn’t be dull… Thanks again for a great responce: 🙂


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