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The Unstated Intent

We have all been low and walked miles to engulf our sorrow. We have all been helpless and shed tears…we have all walked in the rain to hide our fears. And the rain has embraced us all in its womb with compassion and warmth…read on to know what the Unstated Intent is…

I waited…nice and dense

The darkness…the darkness tensed

I held the world in my dark embrace

I waited…watched the people below

In the midst of brisk walks and happy smiles, one looked up at the sky

She stared…stared into my eyes

An ocean…ocean of sorrow rested in her calm

Waiting…waiting to whip up the wildest of storms

I waited…waited for her to walk another mile

To see if she can force that smile

But instead…a tear broke out of her

She wiped it off, for fear of embarrassment

I sent her a calming breeze with ruffles of the leaves

While many rejoiced, I couldn’t put her at ease

Another mile…her gentle grace flounced

She pulled her coat tighter around

But the tears now streamed down, a pugnacious flow

Her rosy cheeks becoming a wet ground

All her sorrow rose from within

And fierce waves of the tempest now crashed the shores of a tender heart

She looked up at me again…I couldn’t resist

Like a mother to her child, I rushed…I rushed to her

With a gentle pour I drenched her

I surged with her salted tears, maneuvering her soft terrain

I held her…held her tight…urging her to put up a stronger fight

As rivers empty themselves into the Sea, so her tears emptied themselves unto me

While joyous screams erupted all around, celebrating my arrival with jaunty sounds

They knew not I had come for her…

Only to take away the tears she didn’t Deserve!



15 thoughts on “The Unstated Intent”

  1. Like a perfect flake made of heavenly snow, your words have touched my heart and soul, like firewood burning in the winter, unfazed,
    The warmth of your words keeps my passion ablaze.
    While admirers of yours may cheer and commend, I hope you keep writing, my dear friend.
    I know it’s not even close to as good as yours, but I wanted to respond in kind :p to your wonderful bliss of a post. Seriously though, keep writing.


    1. Oh that was the most beautiful compliment ever! A wonderful poem and a cheerful request! I’ve never been a poet myself, I have just started dabbling in different forms of prose… What I write may still not qualify as poetry! 😀 but the encouragement I get from people here is a huge motivation to keep writing and produce better posts! 🙂 thank you so much for stopping by…


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