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Racing with Opaque Hearts

Rajiv Bakshi, who writes rajivbakshiblog sent me a picture with a request to feature that in my blog. He worked with the Punjab and Sind bank, starting his work life from Guwahati (where he was first posted) and retired from Machhiwara in Ludhiana. At the age of 62 he has authored a short-story collection called Journey from Guwahati to Machhiwara! While many of us dream of things but consider ourselves too old to start anew, Rajiv has really inspired me by taking a new turn in life and writing

I spent quite some time wondering what would make for a good text to complement the image…and the result is for all of you to judge!

Let’s take a moment to sit back and think where we started from and where we’ve reached. Each life is a story and each man’s is a unique one. I hope you enjoy the following prose-poem which is my take on the well known rat-race and how things change over time while one is busy running!I ran…I ran the race for years

A rat among many rats

In search of money and fame and a safe future

In search of jobs and fortune and finer supper

I ran from city to city

Fulfilling one wish, then another

Honouring my dreams, then my family’s

I ran till my legs hurt, till they could carry me no more

I ran till my lungs burst, till the whole of me felt sore

And then I stopped…to catch a breath

I looked ahead, but nothing resembled

The city I’d lived in for years

Where grass grew, buildings stood

Where hearts met, there cars zoomed

I searched far and wide

To find something I’d recognize, something I’d like

But alas! There’s no end

To the search I’d begun

For I’m looking through transparent glass windows into posh apartments

Where live selfish beings with opaque hearts!

Picture credit: Rajiv Bakshi

14 thoughts on “Racing with Opaque Hearts”

  1. um, for me it was the last two lines…

    “For I’m looking through transparent glass windows into posh apartments
    Where live selfish beings with opaque hearts!”

    Maybe, i am one of those opaque hearts too..! but the lines are amazing…! esp these two!


  2. You did miracles through your line. This photo was a difficult one to interpret, yet you delivered!
    ~ Dajena 🙂


    1. Thank you so much Dajena! I think collaborations are great because they add such new perspectives! And this photograph was indeed a tough one…but I’m glad I found something worthy of it 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  3. fresh and original post. very winning. As for Aligarh Bajpai deserves an award. So does the actor playing the journalist and those two mean ladies with whom he lives! !!! They were adorable.


    1. Haha! Unfortunately in this country amazing performances don’t necessarily mean awards! I wish that Bajpai gets one, it’ll be encouraging for actors who want to explore and portray layered unusual characters! Thanks for being kind with comments on this post 🙂


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