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Tulsi and Citrus

Time = Now

I sit down with a mug of Green Tea (this time it’s Tulsi and Citrus by EcoValley – it’s pretty good, if you feel like trying something new…though I don’t know if you get this wherever you are! I love these lime flavoured teas…the freshness is definitely something for my palette!). I aim to write something here… (I have written and deleted several versions of this article already…I know what I want to write about…or maybe I don’t! Hang on though…it seems I’m getting somewhere with this!). I am thinking about all that I have done today…well, many would say I’ve been extremely unproductive and have done nothing…Let’s see what you have to say by the end of this one. Continue reading “Tulsi and Citrus”

TamBrahm vs Not-so-TamBrahm

The TamBrahm Spunk (3)

If you have just started following this space and don’t know what I am talking about (because the title should have indicated that this is one in a series of posts!) please click here to read the genesis of all of this! Let there be light!!! (wink)

Well….when people talk of TamBrahms and make fun of them…honestly…I don’t mind it at all 😀 After all the TamBrahm ways of life have had me in splits for way too long. But I have to tell you a TamBrahm incident!!! Continue reading “The TamBrahm Spunk (3)”

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Cuppa Coffee and some Shayeri?

I don’t know what attracts me to Urdu…but something does. It is a language close to my heart, a language in which I think…a language I deeply admire…for its beauty and charm!

Here are a few of my attempts with Shayeri (scroll to the end to know what that is)! Along with the Shayeri is its translation in English, with some poetic license of course! Eager to know what you think of some Urdu Shayeri!  Continue reading “Cuppa Coffee and some Shayeri?”

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Did you put the ever so beautiful flower in the vase? Doesn’t it look incredibly delightful? Oh, its vibrant colours spreading joy all around…its fragrance becoming the topic of conversations in town! But how long is this going to last? Eventually, the flower struggles to hold on to its beauty….as life escapes from its vessel with each passing second, it struggles to put on the beautiful front! And that’s life for all of us, isn’t it?

Well…depends on how we look at it!!!

Small house…Him, Her and Baby! Three people, One situation!

Continue reading “PerSPECTive”

If We Were Strolling Together

If We Were Strolling Together (3)

It’s a very pleasant morning here and I’m quite tired, owing to my recent travels (which have been very fruitful, actually). So instead of my usual yoga, I decide to sit by the window…I decide to take a stroll through the gardens with you!

If we were strolling together, I’d first greet you with a smile and in my head I’d appreciate the fact that you rise early too. At this hour in the morning you don’t usually meet people in the gardens (and that’s both strange and sad). I’d probably comment about how hot it has been the past few days in India and about how some rain might help our cases. And I’d also comment about the fact that late nights and early mornings are turning pleasant, so we might be right in expecting some rains after all. Continue reading “If We Were Strolling Together (3)”