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Did you put the ever so beautiful flower in the vase? Doesn’t it look incredibly delightful? Oh, its vibrant colours spreading joy all around…its fragrance becoming the topic of conversations in town! But how long is this going to last? Eventually, the flower struggles to hold on to its beauty….as life escapes from its vessel with each passing second, it struggles to put on the beautiful front! And that’s life for all of us, isn’t it?

Well…depends on how we look at it!!!

Small house…Him, Her and Baby! Three people, One situation!

The Journey so far…

Him and Her fell in love…many ice creams and movies and dinner nights later, a small beautiful beach wedding happened. Him found a job as a mechanic, Her worked in a shop. A couple of years of bliss. Little but sufficient money, home-cooked delicious meals, fewer ice creams and a few more arguments than before. But nothing grossly wrong. Life was new and intriguing and fun. One romantic night…nine months later…Her delivered a beautiful baby! Baby looked perfect…Few more years of bliss.

Priorities changed. Him and Her focused more on their jobs, every extra penny was important. They didn’t make enough to feed another mouth…they didn’t think the little mouth would need to be fed so much! Arguments grew into fights…Ice-creams were sacrificed to make money for diapers. Him and Her worked harder, longer. Movie nights were sacrificed for extra hours at work, all for some more pay.

Life happened all around them…but they only preferred to look at their tiny world. Moments of joy went unnoticed. Baby‘s babbles, Baby‘s little steps into the world, Baby‘s tumbles, Baby‘s laughs…all happened as they should…but with time, they seemed less amusing. No, love hadn’t vanished, nor did they care any less for each other…but life wasn’t just love, was it?

Earlier today….

Him and Her returned home tired…both had had a long day at work (not a very unusual thing these days). Evening wasn’t any different. Him played with Baby and looked at her scribbles. Her cooked dinner. They ate. Baby‘s babbles and her tiny moments of joy through the day dominated over their so-called-coherent conversations.

A conversation turned into a discussion…Baby was sent to her room (but she could hear everything). Argument….then Β a huge fight! Both screamed at each other, both disagreed with each other. Both threw things around, both hit each other, both abused each other and both stormed out the door.

Few minutes later…

Him…sat at a bar with a drink. He listened to the band performing and let himself be enveloped by the carefree spirit around him. Few drinks later, he found himself talking to the girl next to him, telling her all that was wrong with his life…all that had seemed beautiful but was now buried under a pile of shit. He contemplated on whether he wanted to go back to the same life…

Her…sat across the table at her friend’s house. She wept and wept…she poured her heart out. She spoke about their lovely times together, she spoke about their romantic nights. She spoke about the way he held her hand and let out fresh burst of tears. She spoke now about how things had changed over the years, how they fought all the time…How the seemingly beautiful life had rotten like a piece of meat! SheΒ contemplated on whether she wanted to go back to the same life…

Baby…sat in darkness, all alone…no one to talk to! Shivers ran down her spine. This had never happened before, or had it? She loved her life…she loved Him and Her more than anything in the world! But what could she do? She folded her hands and sent out a quiet prayer… “Make everything alright God…I know you will, you always do! And make this night go away soon, so we can all go have ice cream in the morning when they come back home!”



44 thoughts on “PerSPECTive”

    1. Absolutely! We all deal with our problems in different ways, don’t we? But the kid’s perspective is the most sorted out….because she sees the tiny world of hers and thinks there couldn’t be anything wrong with it. She accepts it with all the flaws. And that’s probably what we need to do as adults too! Accept each other with all of our heart! Thanks for stopping by Stella…Hugs


  1. Very special writing…being adults we can learn a lot from children, and that was the beauty of this post..made me think through a different perspective..
    well done..


    1. Thanks for stopping by. I’m glad you liked the post… πŸ™‚ Honestly, it’s not my best…but it was an organic thought that I decided to pen and share anyway. Some posts begin with no particular direction and end up as the finest piece of work and some find their direction even before they are penned and can yet disappoint you in a certain sense! But I still hold this piece close to my heart, just as I do every other! πŸ™‚

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      1. I have realized it through Time that whatever you write, it will reflect you in some general sense. Like sometimes, as you said, we end up where we never thought of when we started. The reason for this is that unknowingly we turn our writing to ourselves, and which we may not like but that is what writing is about. It just happens..


  2. It’s the life of millions in a few dozen lines, sad to say. And that flower in the vase? May have been a lot better not to pick it in the first place – they die far too quickly for my liking once picked. Thought provoking post.


    1. Thanks for your lovely words Suzy! I wish relationships were stronger and people saw sense in the way things evolve over time. Patience is the only key…
      Flowers…well they are lovely but they are better off in gardens πŸ™‚

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      1. it is Sudersan! πŸ˜›
        and, your posts are amazing..! reminds us to be in touch with our emotions when everything around us has become rather materialistic!!! thanks again!


      2. Oops, my bad Sudarsan! So sorry about that! πŸ™‚ that comment was very very valued! Means so much to me… Thanks indeed for being such a regular reader! πŸ™‚

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      3. Ah thanks… πŸ˜€ I’ll give you a heads up… My next is going to be some shayeri…ever since I started writing, I’ve written in Hindi /urdu… Since I won’t be about to reach out to many, I had to stick to English while blogging… While occasionally using tamil for some humor of course! But I’ve decided to put up my hindi poems and urdu shayeri with translations πŸ™‚ the next post should be up in a couple of days,.still writing πŸ™‚


      4. aha! now, this is interesting! although i can understand and reasonably converse in hindi, shayaris are one thing i never could get! (am not even gonna talk bout urdu! πŸ˜› )
        But, with translations as well, i am curious!!!


      5. Well I’m still writing in hindi… Urdu isn’t very different, just a few words here and there! I hope I can do a decent job with translations, with some poetic license of course!

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