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Day 1 of 3-day Quote Challenge – Hope

What a wonderful thing to do…I love this! Right when I was confused about what my next post should be about…and I was wondering what it is that I could pen down and would reach out to you all…I was nominated for this wonderful challenge by Sudersan who writes at thetransientsoul. He has forwarded me the rules as well…He says it’s quite simple…

  1. I thank the person who nominated me (obviously!!!)
  2. I need to write 1-3 quotes everyday on my blog
  3. I need to nominate 3 people each of the three days to participate in the challenge! (Super! Now that makes it fun!)

Sudersan has actually saved me from confusion by nominating me for this so I’m super grateful to him. And after having thought about this a little, I think I know how I am going to go about it. Continue reading “Day 1 of 3-day Quote Challenge – Hope”