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The Blogger Recognition Award!

To begin with, I do not understand the meaning of this award! But doesn’t it always feel nice to get one? πŸ˜‰

RashmiΒ (click on her name to visit her) nominated me for this one…for that I’m truly grateful! Now the rules of this one are slightly…umm…something! I can’t find the right word, so I should let you choose your adjective when you’ve read them for yourself!

1: Write a post to show your award.
2: Thank the person that nominated you.
3: Briefly describe your journey as a blogger.
4: Give advice to other bloggers.
5: Nominate the deserving ones.


Here’s my post for the award! Rule 1 —– Check!

Rule 2 —– Check! (right at the start of the post!)

My Journey as a Blogger

Well, I can’t remember when I started writing here but it was in August last year! Why did I start writing? Well, like everyone I needed an outlet for these million words that were building up within me , wanting to be set free! It has been a year technically but the most number of posts have happened from the start of this year I suppose! It has been great meeting new people here and having a virtual world that feels so secure and supportive. The other day a friend of mine was reading comments on posts in general and said, “It is amazing how there is no hatred on WP, how the people are always kind and forgiving, even if the ideas put forth by a particular blogger are scandalous!” And that I think, is a compliment for all of us who write here πŸ™‚

My focus and effort to write more developed when I read Melissa’sΒ blog for the first time. I realized how different our lives were. She wrote about her everyday life as a homesteader and I found myself scrolling more and more to try and read everything she had written (never managed to read all because she has written a little too much)! It was the most amazing experience and I found a reason to write, to voice my thoughts. And I wrote Alike as Chalk and CheeseΒ to talk about this sudden new surge of encouragement I found within me.Β And once I started posting regularly and visiting other blogs to read their stuff, I found more people visiting me and the encouragement continued!

Today, I feel ill equipped, in terms of my humor, vocabulary, passion, creativity and so many other things. When I read people’s works, I envy their way with words (if you are reading this, I’m sure I have stopped by your page at some point to tell you this exact same thing!). But that inspires me to try my hand at newer things. I tried the Hourglass recently, posted my Urdu poetry, wrote poems – all due to the inspiration I borrowed by reading amazing blogs…I never thought I was capable of these different forms of writing, honestly! And now I continue to try my hand at different things…And that feels like the most ‘normal’ thing to do (never imagined I’d say this)!

Rule 3 —– Check!

Advice to Other Bloggers

Do write…it is super important to keep writing…only that will bring people to your page! But also spend a lot of time visiting new people and reading their stuff. Take a moment to write in their ‘comments’ section what you thought about their post. You will not only make new friends, but you will find more people willing to meet you and curious to know more about you! And spread some kindness….there’s nothing like receiving a smile in return πŸ™‚

Rule 4 —– Check!


I learnt something from visiting Dajena’sΒ page today,..She just finished the 3-day quote challenge. And she skipped the rule of nominating people and said something beautiful. She said anyone who is interested is free to participate! I think I might follow the same here…If you are an experienced blogger and have built a blog you are proud of, do spend some time to tell us new bloggers how your journey has been and help us build our blogs by telling us your experiences!



18 thoughts on “The Blogger Recognition Award!”

  1. Always a pleasure. Today I finished my first third of my novel. Now to get some sleep before I research the octopus in the morning. I am two chapters from the middle section being done. Then it’s head down until the end of August. You make me smile, future Phd, and that’s not easy these days. I was working on my Phd, then MS hit. So, thought I’d write instead. Never give up your dreams, but do allow them to change as life changes you. Congrats

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      1. Oh I’ve started loving blogs too. I have to admit that it takes away time from books but I think it’s a healthy exchange in any case! And sure I’d love to visit yours.. Heading over right away πŸ™‚ cheers!

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  2. Thats wat I realised about,it’s a beautiful world here ,away from the cruel world of haters outside .I hope it remains the same and inspires all.

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