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And it’s not Nice anymore!

One moment he was celebrating finally being able to buy his dream car.

Next moment he heard screams.

Next moment he was run over by a truck!


One moment she screamed with joy upon witnessing the fireworks.

Next moment she screamed with pain as she was run over by the truck.


These are just two moments I made up in my head. And yet, it pains me. What of those 84 people who lost their lives for no fault of theirs? 

It pains me, hurts my soul, pierces my heart to hear of these incidents one after the other. We hear about one cruel incident, have barely recovered from it and another strikes humanity with a bigger, mightier blow!

I usually refrain from writing about these incidents because I can barely write coherently with these depressing thoughts storming my mind. So pardon me if this post is incoherent, poorly written or sounds childish!

I am 23. While I want to dream of a beautiful future, build a life that I will love living and work towards that goal I have, I’m torn by these inhumane incidents and forced to fear the future. What is the world going to be like a few years from today? Is it worth dreaming at all?

If I were to accurately describe my situation, this is what it is…

A crisp paper…with dreams written on them, colours of the past and future splashed on it, doodles of the present smiles here and there! And then an incident tears it in half. It’s taped together. A sellotape does well for now. And then just while a couple of doodles are sketched in a corner, something else crops up and tears it again. And then another. And another. A sellotape isn’t good enough anymore! It’s crumpled, torn too many times, disarrayed! 

And this is the heart of a mere spectator who is miles away from where it all happened! I can only begin to imagine what the victims and the families must be going through…

Whatever you are doing, spend a moment extending your support and prayers to those who have suffered. This year has brought several unpleasant memories with it…hope and wish that it doesn’t repeat itself ever! Spend a moment being grateful for what you have. Say thanks to everyone who has brought a smile to your face. Embrace everyone with the same warmth!

Have a quiet and grateful Sunday if you can…


30 thoughts on “And it’s not Nice anymore!”

  1. Totally agree with you dear,I wrote something similar today related to empathy for others.I hope and wish all my precious prayers for the other dreary souls.

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    1. Like I said in my post I can barely managed coherence when I’m writing about something so sensitive! But this time I couldn’t keep it all within myself… I had to let it out! Let’s all stand together against those who are determined to tarnish the beauty of humanity!
      Thank you for stopping by.

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  2. I did not realize how young you are — you definitely come across as very mature.

    My heart hurts in so many ways right now. But I do know that there are many good people in this world, and you are one of them — and definitely too young to give up on your dreams.

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    1. Oh thank you Judy for your lovely comment 🙂
      Though my heart aches from memories of recent incidents, I find strength in knowing that I can be a better person and can at least contribute by spreading smiles 🙂

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    1. That makes sense!! It’s the same dilemma I face when I read something like this on other blogs! Thanks for stopping by though… It feels nice to know we are all together in this!


  3. Being an evolutionist and having lived through WWII and many violent wars since then, I can no longer afford to think only that the present will affect the future. Here’s my mantra for what it’s worth: “Lament precedes hope. Hope precedes determination. Determination precedes evolution, emergence.” Aishwarya. Mohatma Ghandi is a great model of that and therefore example for the rest of us. Thank you for sharing.

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  4. This is the truth, a sad one, but the truth. Nowadays, we have to be aware if everything and qe have to take care of us everywhere we go. Because we never know what can happen…


      1. Absolutely! It’s strange in a certain sense you know. I used to love going to celebrations and carnivals when I was a kid. These are the exact same things I avoid in the name of crowds today.. Because I fear anything can happen 😦

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    1. Healing is a long and painful process, considering the extent of losses! But we can aim to gain strength to support those who need it more than us…thank you for extending your support through your comment!

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