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Sounds of Home

I have to admit this thought isn’t out of my mind-garden. I once read a post titled the same on a fellow blogger’s site and I thought it was an incredibly warm idea. So I, with her permission, borrow the title today to talk about the sounds of my home. What makes this place my own? If I close my eyes and spend an entire day here, what do I hear around me? Let me take you through the course of my day, blindfolded!

At 5:00 AM sharp, dad’s alarm goes off. (He teaches yoga to a few of his friends and he starts early!)

At 5:30 AM, my alarm goes off. (It’s time to stir in bed and wake up in a few minutes. I practise yoga too you see!)

The next sound is the familiar one of hushed conversations between mom and dad while they sip on some hot coffee before Pa leaves for yoga.

For a couple of hours post that, there is silence. Of course, there’s the occasional rambles and rants of an old neighbour, cheers and chats of school going kids and a pressure cooker or two warning  the maker that it’s time to switch off the heat.

And then the sound of ruffling of newspapers. Pa is back and newspaper is what he picks up immediately. Some more conversation between them. And I join in too, with my expert opinions! LOL

A mild clatter of plates and spoons and some conversation woven through it. (Breakfast)

The ‘Bye’ and the ‘See you in the evening’ and the ‘Have a nice day’. (Pa leaves for work)

A couple of hours later…

The clicks as the keys of the laptop are being used at great speed. (Me writing and/or reading your work)

Some Classical music/Bollywood songs/dialogues out of movies/series (it’s either Ma or me – TV time post lunch)

A couple of loud conversations with neighbours and a few ‘Hi’s and a few ‘Hello’s as we sit and read with the windows wide open. A few songs playing on my phone. A little more talking with mum…family issues, jokes, plan for the evening, dinner menu, etc, etc, etc! This is something I enjoy so much…I’ve got this break after ages (6 years exactly) and I’m making complete use of this. I still have quite a bit on my plate but I can manage frequent breaks here and there.

The familiar sound of the car engine, followed by the other familiar sound of the lift halting on our floor. (Pa is back)

A little laughter, a lot of smiles, a few discussions (more like tiny arguments, but enjoyable ones), some news (or sports) on the TV…

And slowly these sounds die down to make way for a peaceful sleep. And the only hum you can hear is the AC (when it is summer) and a tiny, almost inaudible snore…

(Now if I’ve heard it, it’s not me…Between Ma and Pa, they’ll know when they read this! Wink ;))



41 thoughts on “Sounds of Home”

  1. Sounds like complety my journey,that yoga part is true with me as well,my dad too teaches yoga,and I practice it too!Had fun reading it!:)

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      1. Haha..well I’m not exactly a follower of his..but I do give him credit for popularizing yoga in India again (it’s a shame that it was unpopular for a while though, considering India is where the science originated!) 🙂

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      2. Yes,that is actually true!Whatever his thoughts are regarding yoga or good teachings,we should try to inculcate it in our day to day lives!

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      1. yes it is a wonderful idea….i will surely write a post…i have been away from my home for almost 6 years..and now when i am here i will definitely try to catch all the sounds…great idea..aish….
        keep sharing

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      2. Ah same. I’ve returned to be with my family after 6 years too. And I’ll be off soon for another few years again! Looking forward to reading your post on the sounds around you. Cheers.
        PS, the idea isn’t mine. I borrowed the idea from a fellow blogger. It’s really sad that I forget where I read this post but I remember writing in the comments that as soon as I get home, I will do something on the same lines. It’s a shame I can’t give due credit, blame my ignorance and carelessness at not noting down the author of the original idea!!

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      3. the important thing is that you remembered the idea…which is the most important thing for an author..and i am sure you will find that blog..wishing you for your new journey…be well..


    1. Thank you for your sweet words. When I read a post titled the same on another blog (shame I can’t remember whose blog that was) I felt the same way. And I absolutely loved the idea 🙂 I’m so glad you could find a smile here and there!

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    1. Ah yes I just have a couple of months here before I leave again, and this time for quite a while! But while I’m here, I’m enjoying this to the fullest. 🙂 thanks for stopping by Bushka 🙂

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  2. Nicely written Aish. We do not give sound much importance in our culture. This little piece of writing has brought out the beauty of sound. There is no such thing as an empty space or empty time. There is always something to see, something to hear.

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    1. Absolutely!! I don’t necessarily agree with the ‘don’t give sound importance in our culture’ part but I agree with what you have to say about there not being any empty spaces! 🙂 thank you for reading through my posts!

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  3. My day: wake up way too late, eat breakfast, have coffee, tool around, pretend to do work, read too many blogs and watch too many videos, do an errand or two, make excuses to not go to the gym, go to the gym, go to dance class, have dinner, watch the Golden Girls reruns, try to think up a post, fall asleep. Wow, pretty sad. Don’t forgot to come over to my blog and say hey today 🙂

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  4. This was an interesting read. Sounds of Home has a great ring to it as well. Whoever came up with the name is brilliant just like your post is.

    And come on, don’t blame the snoring on them. 😛

    Keep writing. Take Care. 🙂

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