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As you See fit!

Bus rides in India can be taxing. Distances are too much…the dust and the heat further dim down your spirit. By the time you reach somewhere, you are dead in your head. But BRTS in Ahmedabad is super cool. Comfortable, air conditioned buses operating across the length and breadth of the city at extremely affordable prices. In a bus…what do I see around myself?

  1. Loads of people, pushing everyone around to make little space for their legs, some space to comfortably stand. But no complaints.
  2. Stink and sweat covering bodies, but not covering their minds or their humor. Nor is it enough to dampen their spirit.
  3. Women and children being pushed around, just like everyone else, but the assurance of safety in their eyes.
  4. People of all strata sitting and huddling up together, laughing and chatting as if they’ve known each other for ages. There are worries in their minds, but they don’t crop up to their lips.
  5. Babies…bothered by the heat in this part of the country, but smiling as the cool air from the air conditioner gently caresses their rosy cheek. Albeit for a few minutes in the bus, they still smile…and that is priceless.

Now it really depends on what you see around you…you could choose to see the large number of people huddled up together, stinking…or you could see the smiles on their faces!



46 thoughts on “As you See fit!”

    1. Thank you 😃
      Bus rides are full of energy and has so much to offer all the time! I’m sure you have several stories too…maybe you could use this as a prompt?? The Mumbai locals speak several volumes on the lives of the people who use it… 😃
      I really wish you continue your blog!

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      1. hahah. M y first train ride alone to college , I was carried out by the sea of people at Dadar station. I wept for a bit and then got on to the next train to get to CST.
        I am quite phobic to public transport , a disgrace actually 😦

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  1. Nice Blog. Here, I would like to mention the worst local train journey. I was posted for a week’s training at my HO in Navi Mumbai. It was only 6-7 stations to reach my office. That fateful morning, I had boarded in the Ladies Compartment and my husband in the General Compartment. Whenever any station approaches, I was just pushed in and out in every station and by the time, I was to get down at my station, I was pushed by other ladies which was enough for me to get out of the train. Oh… I only had to curse myself to see the condition of my handbag’s strap, which got torn. Even today, I fear to go by local trains in Mumbai. You should have special training to get in and out of the train.Hats off to the Mumbaikars. While I read the above post, I just cant stop comparing the BRTS services in Ahmedabad. Such a nice public transport system. I enjoy travel by BRTS…….

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    1. Indeed! The BRTS is a boon to many! 😃
      I enjoyed reading your anecdote too. Thank you so much for pausing to share your comments, ma! It always feels nice when you stop by my blog 😃


  2. What a lovely post, Aish! Sounds a most interesting adventure….symbolic of life itself…… Let’s see the smiles….and imbibe the humour….not forgetting singular beauty. 😉 Hugs! ❤

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    1. Well there are enough people doing that here…but Indians usually talk a lot and during long journeys I think it helps 😉
      Oh and I hate people who keep staring at their phones all the time!!! 😉

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  3. That is why we call India, an incredible nation.

    BRTS is very good in all the implemented cities. Here in Indore too, you get a AC ride along the length and breadth of the city.

    Thank-you for reigniting those moments.😄

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      1. I’ve recently published a blog post on it; how to tempt more number of passengers for public transport. You can check it out my blog. Title- Connecting City Buses: A Smart Transportation for Smart Indore

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