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What Happened to Me?

Blesson Mathew who writes here has sent me some beautiful pictures clicked by him for a collaborative post. Bringing to you a collaboration where the words are mine but the image his! We both hope you like the effort folks!

What Happened to Me?

Picture Credit: Blesson Mathew 🙂

With kind-hearted compassion the raindrops flushed away the thin layer of dust that covered my face.

I smiled, rejoiced the feeling, twirling and flaunting my neutral garb.

Indistinct and prosaic, you might think. But wait till the world is painted with black ink.


And while I was drowned in memories and feelings, he walked towards me suddenly beaming.

With a smile I did not enjoy, he carefully examined our prides.

And in just a moment, out of my mother’s bosom, he plucked me out without my permission.

Now I know not what happened to me…I can only imagine what I must now be.

Adorning her dark hair to make a famous scene or a gift that would end up in her diary, a dried being.

Or must I have been a charming mortal, that merely eased them out of their own battles?

Wait, maybe I was to wipe away her tears, or I was to play a role in curtailing her fears.

Or I could have ended up later that evening, in her tiny vase, while her smile greeted me and she sat weaving.

Or was I just left behind on that bench, having served my purpose in comprehending his intent?

Of all I could have been and could have seen, here I am dreaming this dream. Wondering whether he fulfilled his cause and wondering what happened to me!





32 thoughts on “What Happened to Me?”

    1. Thank you so much!! I kept wondering what would go well with the picture sent to me for collaboration but then I ended up writing about the flower wondering what could have happened to it!! I’m glad you enjoyed it. Cheers!

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  1. Very imaginative, thoughtful, flowing. You caught something important, and now it is preserved. Two lines especially stand out because they lead beyond the immediate setting (I think):

    this one because of its striking image, ” Indistinct and prosaic, you might think. But wait till the world is painted with black ink.” (The last two words combine sound and sense so well! And suggest many possible meanings.)

    and this because of the jarring change in rhythm and it’s mysterious implications,, “With a smile I did not enjoy, he carefully examined our prides.” (Makes me think there is more than one meaning to the whole scene–a characteristic of good poetry)

    Nice work! It stays.

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    1. Thank you so much Albert for taking the time out to read and absorb my work! Your comment is beautiful and I re-read my poem to re-absorb the moment and the thoughts that provoked me to write this piece.
      There is immense joy in being able to share my work with people through the blog and it is wonderful when someone like you comes by and shares a warm comment.
      Cheers and have a lovely day!

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