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Another Liebster!

This is incredible! I just won another Liebster Award 🙂 Given that this is to welcome new bloggers with love and affection and like Rob (click his name to visit his site, it’s amazing!) calls it, it’s German and translates to something like Dearest Award, I am most happy to accept the award again! Since this is my 4th Liebster, I will only stick to the Q/A (also because I love that section)!

Also it’s a beautiful Sunday morning here…answering the Liebster questions while sipping on some coffee is pure fun! Join in on the ride…

Oh before I do that, thank you to the man who thought me worthy of winning this beautiful award again – Robert! 🙂

Here’s the Q/A

Why do you blog?

Coz…I love it! It’s amazing…the love and the encouragement here is huge…and I love writing (well, typing in this case)!

Who would you like to have dinner with tonight?

Can I say Me??? I’ve been missing out on the me-time of late!!!

What is the best piece of work you have ever done?

I’m an average person…haven’t done anything great so far. Or should I say the best piece is yet to be? 😉

Why do stars twinkle?

Coz poets continue to write about it!!! Duh!

What did you dream about last night?

I think I dreamt about food… 😀

If you could have any superpower, what would it be?

To be able to zip up the mouths of those I don’t like 😉

How often do you get up in the night to pee?

Hahaha….Can’t believe you asked me this Rob! I don’t wake up to pee at night yet…but maybe in a few years when I’m old (or have diabetes) I might start doing this ;D

What would you like to do with your writing?

Publish it maybe? I don’t know…what do you do with your writing??? 😉

Well, maybe I’d like to make a living out of writing you know…I’ve been thinking of somehow blending science and writing…scientific journalism maybe? Just a thought…

How has your day gone so far today?

My day has been a lazy one 😀 How about yours?

How happy are you that this is the last question?

Super happy 😀 I was actually expecting 11 but 10 is a good number to end it! (Kidding…)


Thank you Rob for this fun questionnaire!!! Congratulations to you on your Liebster Award as well!

You guys meanwhile have a wonderful day ahead…


16 thoughts on “Another Liebster!”

    1. Wow Ann! That’s such a sweet thing to say really! Thank you so much for sharing your sweet thought and I’m even more grateful to you for being here always! ❤


    1. Oh I love the QnA section in any award! And Robert sure asks funny Q’s so ti becomes that much more fun when you sit to write the answers ^_^
      I’m glad you enjoyed the read! Cheers


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