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The Versatile Blogger Award – Ta Da!

Welcome to my space today. Thank you for clicking whatever link brought you here! It is always lovely to have people over and it is even more amazing to have you over when I have nice things to share. And today is one such day!!!

I have been presented The Versatile Blogger Award by two very wonderful bloggers – Belle Papillon (who writes wonderful stuff – empowering, strong, liberating!) and Adarsha Kharel (who writes straight-from-the-heart poetry that is fresh and honest!). It feels amazing to have received the award twice in a week and this post is long overdue but it’s about time I do the needful!

What do people say when they receive awards huh? Well…

Thank you so much to both people who nominated me for this award. This award is special because it is ‘The Versatile Blogger’ award! Honestly, I don’t think I am too versatile with the things I write. People manage to seamlessly move between fashion and politics and romance and social issues. And here I am – stuck with ‘Emotions’! Emotions – that’s what I capture best with my writing. While there are several random silly posts around, I am proud of some and they will always remain special to me 🙂 So thank you for honouring me with this beautiful award and thank you to all you people who read my posts!

I am required to write 7 random facts about me…so here goes the list!

  1. I love Bollywood music!
  2. I read quite a lot of books but ever since I started writing here, I am now spending more time reading blog posts than books!
  3. I can cook yummy Indian food (something I discovered and embraced whole heartedly very recently)
  4. I wish India won more medals in this Olympics! And I might have sent a secret prayer for that to come true 😉 (Clearly God has other important things to attend to though, haha)
  5. I talk a LOT! I can talk all day about anything!
  6. I am addicted to listening to the sound of Tibetan Glass Bowls (it’s amazingly calm!)
  7. If I could choose an alternate career, I’d probably want to be a dancer or a writer…or a dancer who writes..or a writer who dances…whatever!

Now the big moment…the two nominations I am supposed to make! Here are two bloggers who inspire me to write better and enrich me with their posts! I am very happy to present them with the Versatile Blogger Award!



Do visit these blogs. I am very sure you will love them as much as I do.

Have a lovely day…




22 thoughts on “The Versatile Blogger Award – Ta Da!”

  1. You know,all the facts that you stated are exactly same as mine..that tibetan soothing music,cooking,India winning Olympics and what not!Glad to share this platform with you dear one.

    Liked by 1 person

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