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Coach-ing to Glory

If the Harry Potter world was real and I was a part of the magical universe and not this muggle world, the newspapers would probably scream out news about who escaped from Azkaban or who won Quidditch championships! But here in muggle world, the newspapers continue to report the happenings at the Rio Olympics 2016. 

Every newspaper today screams of the achievements of two Indian women – Sakshi Malik (who won the first medal for India in this season + is the first Indian woman to win a medal in wrestling at the Olympics) and PV Sindhu (who will play today against World No.1 Carolina Marin in the final match of women’s Badminton singles at Rio). These two women have made this country proud. While America and China are busy counting the number of medals they’ve won, we Indians are replaying the two matches that put us on the sports-map again!

Too many points of view here…some articles talk about how hard these two have worked to come so far, some articles focus on their parents’ reactions, some focus on looking forward to today’s match to see if Sindhu can win a gold for India in the badminton finals, some talk about how the girl child has saved the day for India!

Yes, there were two spectacular matched played. Sakshi Malik found her way back into the game after a 5-0 situation and eventually won with an 8-5, all in the last minute of the match. Sindhu established her dominance from that first smash she hit against Okuhara in the semi-final but after a tricky first set and a few errors early in the second set to her disappointment, she picked up her pace and hit that winning smash! Two women who stood tall, against all odds to win the hearts of all Indians.

What stood out for me in these matches – 

After Sakshi won her medal, her coach gave her the tricolour and picked her up on his shoulder to walk the length of the wrestling arena celebrating her spirit and the almost-impossible victory. After Sindhu won her match and screamed to ascertain herself that she had indeed made it to the finals, her coach gave her an endearing hug. 

The relentless efforts in training these women to achieve these heights, the unending support when it seemed like their run was difficult or over, the continuous advice showered on the player during the game, the ‘come-on’ on every point won and the ‘it’s alright, it happens’ on every point lost…and finally the smile when their ward made them proud! The Coach deserves more mention than he usually gets.

And before I sign off here and let you go, let me quote Herb Brooks, the most successful American men’s Ice Hockey team coach – “You were born to be a Player. You were meant to be Here. This Moment is Yours!” – Now that’s what a Coach sounds like!!!


40 thoughts on “Coach-ing to Glory”

    1. Thank you so much. I am happy to know you appreciate the coaches as much as I do! Cheers and have a lovely day! I’m sure you will be hooked to your TV to watch Sindhu in the evening…more power to her and her coach Gopichand! 🙂

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  1. Amazing to hear that India are making their mark a the Olympics. Even more amazing that it is two Indian women – you can be anyone and if you work hard enough, you can achieve what you want to achieve. It must have been surprising, but from the sounds of it the country are cheering these two women on. It must be a proud moment for India these few weeks 🙂

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    1. Hi Mabel! How wonderful to have you over and hear your praises for India too!
      Honestly, till the time Sakshi won the bronze, it was all about demoralizing talks about the dismal performance of the Indian contingent! And now that we have a medal winner and someone in the finals who can potentially get a gold, everyone is rooting for a favorable outcome. India has a long way to go as far sports is concerned. We are producing amazing talent but we are honing their skills well. Hopefully things will change soon. This year we also had the first woman gymnast reach the finals – Dipa karmakar. While fewer people spoke about her since she finished fourth and missed a bronze by a whisker, I think she put up an incredible effort managing the Produnova and earning a stunning 15.226 points and finishing 4th at the world’s toughest competition! And all by herself! Again, her effort as an individual and her coach Bisweswar Nandi are to be given credit for her achievement ^_^


      1. It seems to be the same way in Australia. Although Australia is a sporting country with great athletes, this Olympics it seems we are falling short of medals compared to previous games. The Aussie media are hyping this up, keep saying how we can be so much better.

        Win or lose, it is trying and doing our best that counts. Very nice to hear Produnova almost getting a medal. She must have been proud of herself for coming so far 🙂

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    1. Thank you Bushka! The women have done well this season ^_^ more power to every sportsperson who has competed in the Olympics, proving that they are the best in the world and deserve every bit of attention and success that comes their way!

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  2. Loved the last line as said by the american coach..Got the feeling of inspiration and could relate it to the last scene from the movie Chak de India in which SRK gives the inspiring speech.. Well written as always.

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