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Daily Prompt: Graceful

It has been a while since I visited my own page. I can count at least dozen things that are different about my life since the last time I posted something. And all the difference is welcome! I am enjoying this. More about that in a post later…wait till we go on a stroll together and we have all the time in the world to talk about it! Today I have a tiny thing to share in response to theΒ Daily Prompt: Graceful.Β 

Yesterday I was waiting for the bus at the stop, along with a bunch of others. I had 6 minutes before my bus arrived. I looked around…noticed a really old woman with a briefcase also waiting for the bus. She must have been well over 70, if I were to take a guess. Her wrinkled skin spoke of her long tiring journey through the lanes of life, her shaky hands and short, measured steps indicated how unsure she was. Suddenly, she put her briefcase down, opened it and pulled out a bunch of small papers stapled together. I didn’t want to keep staring, didn’t mean to make it awkward.

After a little while, I again glanced in her direction. She was joyfully solving Sudoku puzzles. Those small pieces of paper were carefully cut out of newspapers and stapled together. She had a big, lively smile on her face…her enthusiasm was infectious. I couldn’t help but smile. My ordinary evening was suddenly bubbling with energy! πŸ™‚

A woman who is poised and dignified – definitely Graceful!

What about someone who embraces her situation – whatever it is – and smiles through it all with a child like enthusiasm? Is she not Graceful too? πŸ™‚


18 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Graceful”

  1. Yes,definitely that is graceful.Embracing your own beauty and living with dignity defines the actual hidden charm we carry.

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  2. Thanks for the little picture. It reminds me to keep looking while I am out. There is so much grace all around: too easily I am blinded by my own thoughts and forget how to see.

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    1. That is such a lovely thing to say Albert, thank you for stopping by and sharing with me what you felt about the post. It brought me a huge smile πŸ™‚


    1. Hey thank you so much for your compliments on my post. I have already participated in the three day quote challenge earlier, so unfortunately I don’t think I will take it again. But thank you for thinking of me for the nomination. πŸ™‚

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    1. Thank you Michelle for taking the time out to visit my page. I am so sorry for responding so late to your lovely comment. I have been traveling and actually I’m in the middle of settling down in my ‘new’life. I hope though that I will be able to write a lot more (as I used to earlier). Cheers!


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