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Whispering in my Ear…

Are you bored of the same songs playing into your ears? Well, why did you make the ‘Playlist’ then? A friend of mine has a playlist for everything you know…a playlist for walking, a playlist for traveling, a playlist for sleeping, a playlist for celebration…!!!

I am working as I type this, reading actually (yes, that’s work for us researchers!). Well, not as I type this but you know before I started typing this. And I will certainly continue also after I publish this one. But well, while I read there’s music playing into my ears…but not a playlist! I’m listening to the good old Radio!

It’s charming, the radio! There’s something about listening to the voice speaking to you and about not knowing which song is going to play next and about not being able to predict whether you might like the song or not. I know that you might probably shaking your head as to disagree with me right away, maybe you are one of those playlist people! Not me. I find radios charming. Not only charming, they are fun. It’s fun to listen to the radio jockey’s soothing voice (somehow I find most of their voices rather soothing…especially the ones that come on at night, they must have a selection process for this?). It’s fun to listen to those jokes they crack once in a while and the anecdotes they share and to those songs they play.

This voice speaking to me made me feel like I wasn’t alone…it was strangely comforting. Is that normal? Have you ever felt that way?


21 thoughts on “Whispering in my Ear…”

  1. Yes Radio Jockeys do have a special place. Their soothing and efficacious voice, which is well modulated with clear diction keeps you engrossed. They are also creative and spontaneous. I listen to the radio on the commute and it’s the best company I can get. Who does not remember Vidya Balan’s “Gooooood Mooorning Indiaaaa” from Lage Raho Munnabhai?

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    1. Haha that’s true! She did make an impression with that movie after all 😉
      I do admire their work, but sometimes also wonder what they must feel like, sitting by themselves and speaking for hours and reaching out to people they can’t see…what must that feel like?

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      1. RJs are generally fun loving people with a good sense of humour. They interact and discuss with the listeners who call in via telephone. Callers also write in over email, social media and SMSes. So I think they feel the connect with the audience wherever they are !

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  2. always…as a reader i have always talked with a writer without knowing about him or her and also not knowing what is to come..and i love radio..
    good post…it took me back when i heard radio with my grandfather..

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    1. I am so glad it reminded you of something so dear! 🙂
      And you are right…we are interacting through our blogs with people who we don’t actually know..it must feel the same! It’s stupid I didn’t think of the obvious connect…Thanks for pointing that out.

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  3. So true!! Sometimes I just bored of my own songs that I have in my mobile. I just switch to radio and the surprise you get when you hear your very old times favorite is an unexplainable feeling. Sometimes you hear to the same song you have heard many times , but you just happen to listen to the lyrics or notice them suddenly only then. This too is a great kind of feeling:) Like you found a great thing , just like how a child feels when he founds his lost toy 🙂

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    1. Hi Jackie, how lovely that you stopped by my blog. I haven’t been able to do much writing because I have been busy with shifting to a different continent. But soon I’ll be back with the writing ritual and will also stop by your space. Hope things have been well with you my dear. 🙂


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