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In Praise of the Elderflower

On a cold grey day in Edinburgh, you don’t feel like working much, do you? But you have to. You have to kick yourself out of bed and drag yourself into the shower and push yourself into that bus that will drive you to work! So I did all this.

And then…between all the work, I drift away into thinking something…and I decide to write this post. But I have to keep it short, I have to dive right back into work you see!

Also, before I write anything, I should mention that I wasn’t able to come up with the right kind of title for this article and I decided to use this one from the article by the same title in the Telegraph (click here to read it). But it is only the title that is the same, the rest of my post is the result of my weird thoughts.

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The Hogmanay Series

The Edinburgh Hogmanay (3) – Fireworks and the Countdown

Well, hello! A few days too late to say Happy New Year, eh? But well, a wish is a wish no matter when it is made, isn’t it? This is my last post on the Edinburgh Hogmanay series and I hope you like this last installment as much as you did the other two…or maybe more than the other two! Continue reading “The Edinburgh Hogmanay (3) – Fireworks and the Countdown”

The Hogmanay Series

The Edinburgh Hogmanay Series (2) – Street Parties

Welcome back you! If you have come back to read this one, I suppose I didn’t do too badly with the last post. Cheers to that! If you weren’t able to read the last one but found your way to this one, don’t worry, you haven’t missed much (but you are welcome to read that one- history and traditions – before this if you like). So today, I will take you through the torchlight procession and the street parties. Continue reading “The Edinburgh Hogmanay Series (2) – Street Parties”

If We Were Strolling Together, Uncategorized

If we were Strolling Together (8)

Now this post is not a very New Year spirit kind of post, so if you are not in the mood to read something deep, just scroll down or hit the ‘Back’ button before you get sucked into this thought and can’t come out of it…On the flip side, I will soon have a series of 3 posts on Hogmanay and my first ever experience of it in Edinburgh. I hope you return to this space to read about it. Continue reading “If we were Strolling Together (8)”