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In Praise of the Elderflower

On a cold grey day in Edinburgh, you don’t feel like working much, do you? But you have to. You have to kick yourself out of bed and drag yourself into the shower and push yourself into that bus that will drive you to work! So I did all this.

And then…between all the work, I drift away into thinking something…and I decide to write this post. But I have to keep it short, I have to dive right back into work you see!

Also, before I write anything, I should mention that I wasn’t able to come up with the right kind of title for this article and I decided to use this one from the article by the same title in the Telegraph (click here to read it). But it is only the title that is the same, the rest of my post is the result of my weird thoughts.

So I am now addicted to Elderflower Presse. I don’t drink much of alcohol and this is an amazing alternative. It’s bubbly, it’s tasty, it’s cold…it’s yummy! And with a nice meal, this is just the drink you need. I have tried the Elderflower Presse from Sainsbury’s, from Co-ops and from Tesco. But the best ones are the ones fromΒ Belvoir Fruit Farms! So…I love their Elderflower Presse, their Elderflower and Rose Presse and the Mulled Elderflower drink as well. I bought a couple of bottles recently and have been really enjoying myself pouring the bubbly, energetic, refreshing drink into wine glasses and savouring each drop as it passes down my tongue, throat, oesophagus (yes I am a scientist, so I had to use this word!) and finally the stomach.

And then…

I suddenly clicked on Google to search for the benefits or the health issues caused by Elderflower. I found only health benefits. i knew about them already. What was bothering me was this…I enjoy drinking this. But would it be okay if I drank a small glass of it everyday? I mean Belvoir farms do say that these are organically grown and that they do not contain any preservatives. So it should be fine right?

And then I was wondering…What am I doing??? Why am I doing this???

How have we all got sucked into this world of jargon? We look for ‘organic’ foods, ‘whole-grain’ options, ‘low-fat’ diets. How have we been conditioned to think about all this every time we start enjoying something? Everything has become about ‘health’ and ‘fitness’ and ‘wellness’. I am sure it is a good thing, but I am also sure that someone somewhere is taking advantage of our naivete.

I battled with the thought of ‘Should I’ or ‘Should I Not’ with drinking the Elderflower Presse for a good two hours until I decided finally that I will go home and cook a wonderful hot meal and pour myself a glass of Elderflower yet again while it lasts…


Everything in Moderation!


12 thoughts on “In Praise of the Elderflower”

  1. I’ve never heard of Elderflower Presse (although I have heard of Elderflower).

    I dunno, I have always been interested in the health benefits of food — I think knowledge is power! But I totally agree with everything in moderation. Salut!

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    1. Hi Judy, how wonderful to hear from you! I hope all is well at your end.
      Elderflower has too many health benefits. In fact when I was searching about the health aspects of this presse, I realized that none of the articles describe any disadvantages or health problems caused by elderflower!! And if you haven’t tried the presse, you MUST πŸ˜€

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